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The results are in…but don’t stress, support is available

July and September can be difficult months for those waiting on registration exam results. For some the pressure can be quite overwhelming, particularly if things don’t turn out quite as planned.  The excitement can be short lived if, for example, after securing the results you want you are unable to find work. It can be especially distressing of course for those who fail and particularly so if living away from home at the time, or if you are an international, mature student or if you have a family.

The thing to remember in this situation is that you are not alone and help is at hand. Pharmacist Support has a range of free and confidential services available to you.

If you are available for work and seeking work, you may be entitled to jobseeker’s allowance, housing and council tax benefits. One of our specialist advisers or your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) will be able to give you further advice on this.

The Charity may also be able to provide trainees facing particular hardship with financial assistance in the form of a grant. This may be offered to help with rent or mortgage payments, living costs, revision aids, exam fees or an unexpected bill, for example.

Should debt be an issue our specialist advisers can provide assistance with managing debt and can help with negotiating with creditors and rescheduling payments.

If you feel you are struggling to cope emotionally, we have a Listening Friends helpline staffed by trained volunteer pharmacists familiar with the particular pressures facing those in the profession. In the past they have taken calls from preregistration trainees about many issues, for example, anxiety about the registration exam, dealing with ill health or bereaverment, bullying and difficult situations in the workplace.

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