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Illness, stress, bereavement and unemployment can affect all of us at some stage in our life. Take a look at our case studies to see how we've supported your colleagues and peers in need.

Assistance from Pharmacist Support can come in many different ways to suit the needs of the individual. The following stories highlight the many ways in which we have responded to the needs of pharmacists, their dependants and pharmacy students who have found themselves confronted by difficult circumstances.

Read our case studies

Read our case studies

“Just talking to the charity about my ideas and progress with my restoration portfolio has helped me to stay focused and motivated.”

Pharmacist Support have assisted me through a period of severe financial hardship and helped me on my journey towards returning to the register.

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“Knowing that I was not the only pharmacist to be suffering in the way that I was came as a relief as well as a surprise.”

My experience with Pharmacist Support has been lifesaving and life changing. I have a young family who are as grateful as I am for the help that I have been afforded by the charity throughout the course of the difficulties that I am finally able to face.  My name is Ben* and I am a registered pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in the profession. I’ve enjoyed a varied career…

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“Pharmacist Support has been the silver thread that has run through my life.”

John*, one of our service users, has been 8 years clean and in recovery. To celebrate this significant anniversary, we caught up with John to pick up on his ‘Journey of Recovery’. Pharmacist Support has been the silver thread that has run through my life, from my first contact in 1994 to the last time…

Supporting International pharmacists

“I am an Italian pharmacist and I have been in London since January 2013.  After 8 years as a Pharmacy Manager in Italy – I decided that I wanted a new challenge and came here to the UK. I spent around 6 months and lots of money seeking a job in London but unfortunately no…

“Pharmacist Support picked up and carried out of a horrible situation, and reminded that people do care.”

Emily graduated with a first class degree and registered as a pharmacist four years ago. A severe health relapse, however, made finding paid work extremely prohibitive. Covering basic living cost was becoming overwhelming and Emily was finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Since receiving help from Pharmacist Support my standard of living…

Birdsgrove House, an appeciation

Barbara and her husband visited Birdsgrove House after a severe car accident in 1997, and again in the following year to continue their recovery. “Upon our arrival – a crisp autumn afternoon – we were astounded to be greeted, in the entrance hall of the fine country home, by what appeared to be the entire…

"My husband Joe and I are both pharmacists,

we have three children Charlotte 15, Michael 14 and Catherine 9. Joe and I met whilst studying pharmacy at Brighton and qualified together in 1995. Our daughter Charlotte has Down syndrome."

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Here we meet Julie, Paul and David

Julie is a pharmacist, married to Paul – who has had MS for a number of years and is now confined to a wheelchair.

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“It is the care that the staff at Pharmacist Support show to pharmacists and their families that makes it easier to continue in treatment.”

John* has been a qualified pharmacist for 40 years. He began using codeine in 1972 and was dismissed from numerous jobs because of it. At the time, nothing was available pharmacists with addiction issues, other than private hospitals and psychiatric services in the NHS, so John  ended up in a psychiatric ward. We have been…

Accidents can happen

Following a bad accident, leaving her with multiple fractures, Maria was informed that it would be 4 – 6 months before she could return to work. As a locum with two children and a husband who was also self-employed, this left Maria and her family in a very difficult situation, with neither parent eligible for…

Dealing with bullying

One of our specialist advisers at the CAB spoke to us about the impact bullying can have on an individual. “In our experience” said adviser Marsha Healy “it is crucially important to our clients that they do have remedies in law to redress the wrong done to them but they also find great relief in the fact that they…

Juggling a family, training and exam pressures

Sam is a trainee pharmacist. He failed his first attempt at the exam and was unable to secure an extension to his current placement, or to find other work to support himself, his wife and child through the summer months. Due to the location of his placement, Sam had been living away from home which…

A single parent seeking help

“Initially, just being able to talk to someone who listened, empathised and contacted me when they said they would was brilliant. When my daughter’s problems became really bad I had to seek help, as I thought she could die, she had collapsed at home, stopped breathing, was often falling and hurting herself and her existence…

When a partner falls ill

Following a year out of work due to illness, Lucy’s husband Paul was finally diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. At this point Paul began intensive chemotherapy treatment and Lucy quit her job to become a full time carer. “I was in great need of advice and support in what were very pressured…

Facing homelessness

A housing association in a city in the north of England contacted us when they realised that a man they were about to evict from one of their houses was an ex-pharmacist. The man, who was being evicted because the council wanted to demolish the property, did not have security of tenure. He also suffered…

The people left behind

A widow of a pharmacist with two small children approached us for assistance with benefits advice. During a conversation with our specialist adviser it transpired that a large item of expenditure went on fuel for her car in order to take her laundry for washing twice a week – her machine was broken and she…