Who we are

As the professions independent charity, we strive for a time when no one in our pharmacy family will face challenging times without us by their side. On this page you can find out about some of the work we do, our team and our strategy, and how we are funded.

The Profession’s Independent Charity!

Pharmacist Support is an independent, trusted charity, providing a wide variety of support services to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students. We want to make good things happen. We do this by putting people first, by listening without judgement and encouraging and empowering people to create positive change. We’ve listened carefully to people from all sectors of the profession, and deeply empathise with the issues affecting pharmacy today. In our 2019 market research 97% of all potential service users surveyed felt they needed some form of support from the charity . Concerningly, 71% of all respondents cited mental health as a key issue affecting the sector.

We are committed to working with partners across the profession as we strive for an empowered and resilient pharmacy workforce and a time when no one in our pharmacy family has to face challenging times alone. Our team of trustees and staff, alongside our army of volunteers, allows us to champion the wellbeing of our pharmacy family and delivery much needed support.

Our Strategy

In 2019 we conducted a review of our activities, spent time engaging with stakeholders and carried out market research. This provided us with invaluable insight which we used to inform the future direction of the charity. In turn, this lead to the development of our five year strategy which outlines the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of Pharmacist Support
  2. Enable pharmacists to manage their wellbeing
  3. Increase awareness of the issues impacting our pharmacy family’s wellbeing
  4. Manage the charity effectively to ensure we meet current and future demand

Funding and meeting demand

Through the generous support of our charity partners as well as individuals, we continue to develop and deliver support to meet the changing needs of those in the profession.  However, demand continues to rise and we continue to seek more support for our work.

Individuals support us in many ways such as by setting up a monthly direct debit, making a one-off donation, joining TEAMGreen by fundraising for us, or leaving a gift in their will. This support has a significant impact on the charity and one example is the significant gift left in the will of pharmacist Robert Wardley. Robert wanted his legacy to be used to help relieve the stress experienced by pharmacists. Thanks to his donation we were able to develop a new wellbeing service that, since it’s launch in 2013, has assisted thousands of individuals to seek proactive support for their wellbeing.

Organisations in the profession support us by providing direct donations, partnering with us to delivery activity and by helping us to raise awareness of the charity through their networks.



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Find out more about the charity

Our impact

As a forward-thinking charity, we measure our successes and impact every year to ensure our support remains relevant and useful.

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How we can help

Pharmacist Support is an entirely independent organisation and access to our services is completely confidential.

Find out more about the charity

Support our work

As an independent Charity we rely on the generosity of pharmacists and pharmacy organisations to be able to continue our work – be that as donors or fundraisers, volunteers or supporters.