Family and personal life

Here you will find an array of guidance, information and organisations that may help you if you are experiencing difficulties in your family or personal life.

Pharmacist Support is on hand to help support you through tough times at home.

Going through family or relationship problems alone can be tough, especially when you have to juggle a full time job. Whether you are looking in support of a colleague or for yourself, the pages below may help.

We are constantly developing and updating our website with new resources and information. Please do come back and check in with us whenever you or your team need support with families or relationships to see what’s new!

Family and personal life pages

Family and personal life pages

Coping with bereavement

Whilst bereavement is a very personal event, the majority of people go through a range of normal reactions and emotions when they lose somebody close to them. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

Family and personal life pages

Relationships and family problems: useful organisations

If you are going through family or relationship problems, including divorce or separation, the following organisations may be able to provide help.

Family and personal life pages

“I received financial help from the very thoughtful and wonderful staff at Pharmacist Support. This really helped me to pull through until I was registered.”

Sam is a trainee pharmacist. He failed his first attempt at the exam and was unable to secure an extension to his current placement, or to find other work to support himself, his wife and child through the summer months.