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In this section of the site you can find a whole host of information covering mental health and wellbeing, physical health, family and personal life and finances, right through to managing your work life, trainee and student experience.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Our mission is to champion the wellbeing of our pharmacy family. On these pages you will find guidance and advice on how you can stay mentally healthy and boost your wellbeing.

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Physical health

Explore how to easily incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine, and the benefits of doing so.

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Here you will find information and guidance on how to manage your money and any debts you may have, and ways to find funding, including from Pharmacist Support, should you need financial assistance.

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Family and personal life

Here you will find an array of guidance, information and organisations that may help you if you are experiencing difficulties in your family or personal life.

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Work life

Discover ways to feel supported when at work and manage your work life better.

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Trainee experience

If you need help with your foundation placement and trainee pharmacist experience, please take a look at the abundance of guidance, information and tips especially for trainee pharmacists.

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Student experience

This page provides helpful information about bursaries, MPharm applications and anything else you may need to know when on your journey to becoming a trainee pharmacist.

Mental health and wellbeing

Take a look at our guidance and advice on staying mentally healthy and reducing stress. You'll find information on a wide range of topics such as anxiety and stress, mindfulness, and mental health issues which may affect our pharmacy family.

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Joseph's experience

ā€œJust talking to the charity about my ideas and progress with my restoration portfolio has helped me to stay focused and motivated.ā€
Joseph, Pharmacist

Pharmacist Support have assisted me through a period of severe financial hardship and helped me on my journey towards returning to the register. I could not have achieved what I have so far without their financial help, encouragement and advice.

Help us support members of our pharmacy family like Joseph

Pharmacist Support is funded entirely by the generosity of pharmacists and their families and pharmacy organisations. Learn more about what we do and how you can be part of it.

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