“The bills don’t stop coming just because you’re unemployed.”

Read Charlotte's* story about how she used our Information and Enquiries service to find out what help was available to support her financial and mental wellbeing.

Charlotte*, now a pharmacist, received financial and wellbeing support from Pharmacist Support when she failed her assessment as a trainee. She has kindly shared with us her journey in hopes it reaches those who are thinking of reaching out for help.

“I failed my first attempt at the registration assessment and was unemployed for a while. My bills were stacking up and I didn’t know where to turn. Statistics show that it’s harder to pass the assessment after the 1st try, so I was also feeling increasingly stressed. I was putting immense pressure on myself to study and pass the second time so I could continue my career to become a pharmacist. It was also coming close to the end of my 8-year limit which was adding pressure onto my situation. If I didn’t pass this time, I would have had to apply for an extension, which if I didn’t get, would mean having to explore other options with my degree. This wasn’t an option for me. Everything that was happening around this time caused my mental health to decline so I needed to not only look for financial assistance, but I needed support with my mental health too.

The bills don’t stop coming just because you’re unemployed, I had given up.

I was a Pharmacist Support Ambassador so knew about the support the charity offers, but I needed to chat through my options. I decided to email Pharmacist Support’s Information and Enquiries team who were very helpful. They directed me to a few places that I could get support for what I was going through, one of which was the Pharmacist Support Grant.

I got confirmation that I had received the grant and I was over the moon. Receiving the money meant I was focusing less on the financial stress I was going through, which meant my mental health was in a better place. This meant I was able to study for my second attempt at the assessment with a clear mind.

I passed my second attempt of the assessment and I am now working as a pharmacist. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Pharmacist Support. Their support was an enormous help to me and I am forever grateful.”

*We’ve used a pseudonym to protect Charlotte’s identity.

Do you need support?

If you're struggling in your university, training, work or personal life, please contact our Information and Enquiries team which will talk you through your options, including support available from our charity.

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