“Pharmacist Support was my last resort for help and the only supportive organisation that assisted seamlessly.”

Read Jonathan's story about how we supported him through a financially difficult time with our Financial Assistance service.

Jonathan enrolled on the OSPAP course at the University of Sunderland. He soon realised he wasn’t entitled to any financial support and came close to not having enough money to carry on with his course. He has kindly shared his story in hope it reaches those who are in need of support.

I started the course in September 2022 with the hope that the little savings accrued from my previous job and the support from my wife would take me through the first term. However, two months into the course, I could not keep up with my regular finances.

The cost of living continued to soar and I was not entitled to any benefit. I picked up a warehouse job to help cushion my bills and general upkeep, but I had to quit when it was affecting my studies and primary obligation at the University of Sunderland. Not only was this affecting my studies, it was causing my mental health to decline.

Thoughts of keeping up with my finances kept haunting me until I had a lifeline through the Pharmacist Support team.

My friend knew about the financial support Pharmacist Support offers and that I may be eligible to get help with my finances to see me through the year. They recommended that I looked their website. I approached the Pharmacist Support team not expecting much back, but I got timely financial support that eased the financial stress on me.

Pharmacist Support was my last resort for help and the only supportive organisation that assisted seamlessly.

Without the burden and stresses of my financial situation I was able to focus more on my studies, and at the end of the year, I passed exceedingly well.

I do implore anyone who is in any form of financial, mental or any form of distress that can affect their output or productivity, to speak up and seek for help to achieve their goal.

I’m really thankful to the team and everyone that made it possible.

Read about how we've helped others

Read about how we've helped others

“I was beginning to feel as though I wouldn’t have been able to finish my pharmacy degree if I didn’t get some financial help.”

Read how our student bursary helped pull Marco* out of a very financially distressing time.

Read about how we've helped others

“I am in an incredibly good position in my life which would have been markedly more difficult to achieve without this bursary.”

Natasha Williams is a student pharmacist studying at Liverpool John Moores University. She received our financial bursary and has kindly shared her story in hopes to help others in our pharmacy family who may be struggling.

Read about how we've helped others

Financial Assistance

On this page you will find information about the different types of financial support we offer to pharmacy students, trainees, pharmacists, former pharmacists and their families.