GPhC assessment adjustments

This page contains information about applying for and using reasonable adjustments during the GPhC assessment exam.

Request for a reasonable adjustment

The GPhC will consider requests for adjustments in order to ensure that no trainee who sits the assessment is disadvantaged. Check the GPhC important dates webpage to find out the deadline for applications for reasonable adjustments. Requests that are submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Do not leave your request until the last minute, as the GPhC may ask you to supply additional information to support your case.

Which form will you need to fill in

Fill in application form A if you have a specific learning need, for example, if you are dyslexic. Evidence to support an adjustment request must be from a doctor or other appropriately qualified person. It must give details of how a disadvantage would affect your performance during the assessment. Details about the provision of supporting evidence needed when applying for adjustments can be found on the GPhC website.

If your condition is not covered by a learning needs assessment, you will need to use application form B.  Complete a separate application form if you are requesting adjustments for more than one condition not relating to a specific learning need. Do make sure that you ask a qualified health care professional to assist you with your application.

Possible outcomes for a request for adjustments

The possible outcomes of your application are:

  • Granted for all eligible sittings
  • Granted for all sittings within the year
  • Granted for one sitting only
  • Partially granted (for one sitting, some or all sittings)
  • Not granted

If your request has only be granted for one sitting and you need to sit an additional exam you will need to put in a new request for adjustments. You will also have to put in a new request if your adjustments are for one year only and you need to do a further sit in a different year.

Have you been given extra time?

If you have been granted adjustments for the GPhC assessment, you should remember that you still need to prepare and plan for your exam sit. Getting your adjustments is only step one in the process of getting ready for an exam. Advance planning is the key to feeling confident on exam day. Knowing that you are well prepared will mean you are less liable to panic on the day.

Use your extra time wisely

The GPhC will have already asked you how you plan to use any adjustments they grant during your application process. Extra time may seem beneficial, but depending on how much time you have been given, you could end up being tired and burnt out. Use your time properly and remember to pace yourself. If you need extra breaks, make sure you take them. Do not use time needed for breaks to sit in front of the computer. This would be counter-productive. There is little point in you having extra time if you don’t use it effectively. Here are some points to consider:

  • work out how many breaks you need and remove break time from the length of time you have to answer questions.
  • if you need to take a break from sitting, for example, to do some stretching or breathing exercises, make sure you calculate that into your plan.
  • if you need extra toilet breaks, make sure that you find the toilets in advance of the exam so that you will know where you need to go.
  • how much time do you have?
  • how many questions do you have to answer?
  • divide your time between the number of questions so that you have a rough idea of how long you need to spend on each question.
  • speak to your invigilator if anything goes wrong on the day.
  • don’t be afraid to ask the invigilator questions. They are there to help you.

Plan your revision

Timed mock exams are a very good idea. You should add the additional time you have been awarded and then you can put your plan for how you will use your extra time into action. The PDA offer a revision package, this includes mock exams, practice questions, and revision tips. This package is for PDA members only, but membership for trainees is free. You can find out more about the package on the PDA events page.

Don’t neglect your wellbeing

It is natural to feel anxious in the run-up to exams. Use our Revision planner to help make sure you are balancing your revision time with activities inspired by the 5 ways to wellbeing. We also have an anxiety and stress management for students self-learning module to help manage your wellbeing while you train and study.

To access our free Get Mentally Prepared wellbeing workshop for exams and the assessment, you can sign up for free to our Wellbeing Learning Platform.

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