Thanks to a grant from the Covid-19 Healthcare Support Appeal (CHSA) we are now able to provide direct psychological support for those who are experiencing mental health issues. We are able to fund six counselling sessions via phone, Zoom or for those within travelling distance to Altrincham, face to face.

When to use the counselling service

The counselling service is appropriate for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, a change in family circumstances that causes distress, bereavement, and other psychological issues. Below are examples of instances where a counsellor may be able to help: 

Abebe lost his mother during the pandemic and feels he may be struggling with depression. He thinks about his mother most days and goes over and over in his mind what he could have done differently. He is not sleeping well and is becoming short-tempered. He is concerned that his work will be affected if he doesn’t get help. 

 Suzanne is part of a hospice team providing palliative care. She is increasingly concerned about her lack of resilience. She is worried about her children at home and the impact of her divorce on them. She has lately started experiencing panic attacks and wonders if she might be experiencing some depression. 

How to access the counselling service 

Our confidential counselling service is provided through a specialist counselling provider. To access this service you will need to complete the self-referral form below. If eligible, you will receive a code and details for our provider which will allow you to access six sessions of counselling.  

NB The counsellor will talk through your options if you both agree you require more than six sessions.  

Attached to the self referral is the charity’s equal opportunities form. Here at pharmacist Support, it is important to us that our services reflect the diverse needs of and are useful and accessible to all in our pharmacy family. To help us build a picture of and better understand the make up of our service use, we would very much appreciate it if you could provide us with a few details. Please note completion of this form is optional, but rest assured that any information provided will remain anonymous and will not be linked to you personally.

If you feel you would benefit from speaking to a counsellor, please download and complete this form. You’ll then need to email it to: 

The counselling service is also available in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. You will need someone to assist you with the application and booking in English. 

ھم اُردو اورپنجابی میں مشاورت کرتے ہیں. آپ اگر انگریزی میں بات نہیں کرسکتے تو کسی  پرو فشنل، دوست یا رشتدار کی مد د سے ہمیں کال کریں. ہم آپ کی مشاورت کیلے کوالیفائڈ کونسلر موہیا کرںگے جو آپکی زبان میں آپکی زہنی تکلیفوں، پریشانیوں اُور مشکلات سمجھنے اور اُنکوسُلجھانے میں آپکی مد د کرینگے

Please note that this is not an emergency service. Should you require urgent assistance, we recommend you contact your GP or visit your local A&E department.