Our work with Well Pharmacy

Read about our work with Well Pharmacy.

Well Pharmacy

Well join our growing list of charity partners who show their ongoing commitment to the vital work of the charity. Following the success of our inaugural ACTNow campaign in 2020, which was sponsored by Well, we were very grateful to receive a corporate donation from them at the beginning of 2021. We were then delighted to continue this partnership activity in 2022 and to focus this wellbeing activity on supporting trainees to get mentally prepared for the assessment and their transition to registered pharmacist through our Trainee ACTNow campaign.

We are very proud to sponsor Pharmacist Supports ACTNow campaign, now in it’s 3rd year, particularly focusing on Trainee Pharmacists. Looking back to when I was preparing to sit my own registration assessment, I remember feeling stressed and anxious and I wish this type of campaign and the level of awareness it draws to Mental Health and wellbeing was around back then. We see with the Trainee Pharmacists within our own organisation the pressure that can build up during this time, and we know this will be felt across all Trainees which is why we felt it was important to sponsor this campaign and work with Pharmacist Support to ensure the messaging and support they provide reaches as many trainees as possible.
Jessica Hall - People Development Manager, Well Pharmacy

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