Our work with the CPPE

Read about our work with the CPPE.

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)

We have been working together with the CPPE for a number of years. They support us to raise awareness of the charity and our support services at their events and through their networks. CPPE also support us to highlight the importance of wellbeing and mental health across the sector.

The CPPE has been involved in our ACTNow campaigns by sharing tips on leadership and thoughts about how learning boosts confidence. We’ve also run wellbeing workshops for their team and supported other CPPE events. For example, we regularly support their Fitness to Practice courses.

Through working closely with the team at CPPE, we hope to connect further with teams and individuals across our pharmacy family and encourage them to reach out to us when they need support.

About CPPE

CPPE offers high quality learning materials for all pharmacy professionals, enables skill development and supports workforce transformation in England. They run a number of events each semester facilitated by local pharmacy tutors. CPPE is part of the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry, within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, at the University of Manchester.

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We know that we can only care for others if we can care for ourselves. Pharmacists are fortunate to have a charity which was set up specifically to offer this care and to help them to keep doing what they do best. We are pleased to support the charity, both through our own fundraising activities and through supporting the wider work that they do. We are proud to share their can-do attitude to making a difference.
CPPE Director, Matthew Shaw

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Other charity partnerships

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We recognise that collaboration across the sector is key to supporting our pharmacy family to ensure it is well-equipped to face any challenges people may have. If you'd like to become a charity partner, please get in touch.

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