Our work with the RPS

Read about our work with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Our history with the RPS runs deep. We were established in 1841 as the benevolent fund of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. In 2006, we became a separate, independent charity. However, we still maintain close links with the RPS and collaborate on a number of activities, including our annual workforce wellbeing survey. Through this survey and our joint activity, we hope to support positive mental health and wellbeing in pharmacy.

Find out about the survey here.

We have recently formalised our partnership to enable the two organisations to better align plans and work more effectively together to increase the impact of the charity and better support RPS members. This comes with a commitment from the RPS to identifying opportunities and encourage fundraising for the charity.

As part of a revised collaboration approach we will look to strengthen partnership working to support the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists together. We want to help Pharmacist Support grow and strengthen as an organisation for now and the future.
Ravi Sharma, Director of England at the RPS

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