When a partner falls ill

Following a year out of work due to illness, Lucy’s husband Paul was finally diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. At this point Paul began intensive chemotherapy treatment and Lucy quit her job to become a full time carer.

“I was in great need of advice and support in what were very pressured personal circumstances.

Pharmacist Support initially provided me with financial assistance as I had no income at all. I was also given direct assistance with debt and benefits advice which has been invaluable, as I would not have known how to cope with filling in, e.g. tax returns effectively or who to approach for benefits advice.

From a purely personal point of view, having access to a service like Listening Friends has sometimes felt like the only outlet I have for my personal anxieties and fears without worrying my own family more than they are already. They have helped and supported me as much as they could but sometimes it is better to talk openly to people who simply listen and aren’t directly connected to your day to day life – a bit like counselling.

Every time I’ve contacted the team at PS, I have been treated professionally and courteously and have never felt that I am being judged. Their kindness has been a comfort in what have been difficult and occasionally bleak times. Knowing there is somebody at the end of the phone who will help is a massive psychological benefit.”