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Our fundraising campaign has had a bit of a makeover! To tie in with our new strategy and refreshed ‘pharmacy family’ focused vision and mission, this year we’re encouraging you to join TEAMGreen!

What is TEAMGreen?

TEAMGreen is Pharmacist Support’s annual fundraising campaign that runs from World Pharmacists Day on the 25th September until 31st October. The aim of the campaign is to bring the pharmacy community together to raise much needed funds to help more individuals.

Our support is needed now more than ever.

Pharmacists and trainees across the country are on the front line facing their biggest challenge in generations. Stress levels are high and prioritizing wellbeing is difficult.

Even before the pandemic, 97% of you told us you needed some form of support from the charity with 71% identifying poor mental health as a core challenge facing the sector and 61% of you expressing a need for support with stress at work.

Help us make good things happen! Join pharmacy family members across the country and show your support.

We, like many charity’s, are having to find new ways to deliver our support to ensure that our service users are not cut off from help when they need it most. Additionally, we’re having to find new ways to engage donors and generate income that don’t rely on face to face activities, large scale events or gatherings.

Join TEAMGreen today:

You’ll find everything you need below to start your TEAMGreen fundraising adventure. Don’t forget to share your fundraiser far and wide using the #TEAMGreen and drop us a line at to let us know what you’re up to.

We look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about the activities you have planned!

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