Celebrating a Legacy: Manchester Pharmaceutical Association’s Generous Donation 

In a heartfelt gesture, the Manchester Pharmaceutical Association (MPA) has made a substantial donation to Pharmacist Support, marking the culmination of over one hundred and fifty years of unwavering support to the pharmacists of Manchester. 

Originally established in 1868 as the Manchester Chemists and Druggists Association, the MPA emerged in response to the Pharmacy Act’s passing, which mandated the registration of chemists and druggists with the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Over the years, the MPA played a pivotal role in the education of assistants and apprentices, mutual improvement of members, advancement of trade interests, and the establishment of a library, museum, and a School of Pharmacy for Manchester and the surrounding district. 

Throughout its history, the MPA remained a pillar of support for local pharmacists, organising social events and raising funds for the then Benevolent Fund (as we were previously known). 

Dr Geoff Benson, Vice President of the MPA, reflects on the association’s decision: 

“The Council of the Association concluded that after over one hundred and fifty years of supporting the pharmacists of Manchester, the affairs of the MPA should be wound up.” 

In deciding the fate of the remaining financial assets, continuing to support the profession, particularly individual pharmacists, was considered a high priority and a final fulfilment of the objects of the MPA. Hence the decision to donate the remaining monies to Pharmacist Support.
Dr Geoff Benson, Vice President of the MPA

The MPA’s dedication to the wellbeing of pharmacists spans more than a century, and this heartfelt gesture reflects their commitment to supporting the profession even beyond their active years. The decision to contribute to Pharmacist Support, reinforces the MPA’s enduring legacy in the community they served. 

Dr Geoff Benson’s sentiments are echoed by Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support: 

“We’re deeply grateful to receive this generous donation from the Manchester Pharmaceutical Association. Their decision to contribute their remaining financial assets to Pharmacist Support is a powerful testament to their long-standing commitment to supporting pharmacists in Manchester.”

Hunt emphasizes the importance of such donations, noting, “Contributions like these are vital for charities like ours to continue providing essential support services. This donation will enable us to carry on the good work initiated by the MPA and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individual pharmacists. We are honoured to be entrusted with this legacy and are committed to ensuring these funds are utilised to benefit those who need our support.” 

The Manchester Pharmaceutical Association’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those it served, and its impact will endure through the positive influence it continues to have on the pharmacy profession. 

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