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Hero Profile: Steve Lutener

Steve registered as a pharmacist 36 years ago, and has recently retired. He hopes to spend more time pursuing several hobbies that he didn’t previously have time for. His passion for cycling started in 2012, when commuters in London were advised to avoid the underground and public transport due to the Olympics, and he took to walking or cycling to and from the office. In July he took park in the Prudential Ride London 46, which was a 46 mile bike ride from the centre of London to Richmond and back again, and has so far raised £500!

Why did you decide to become a 175 Hero?

I was fortunate to be appointed a trustee of Pharmacist Support earlier this year, and already knew of the good work of the organisation.  I now understand more about the importance of fund raising and thought I could benefit us both by exploiting my hobby of cycling in a suitable charity ride, with the proceeds being used to invest in the support services of the charity.

What time did you complete the course in? Did you have a goal in mind?

My final time was 2 hours and 47 minutes. As one of the very last ‘wave’ of riders, there were very strict time limits to observe as the organisers must reopen roads to traffic.  Failure to reach specified checkpoints in time could have resulted in the race marshals stopping me from going further.  The final time at the finish was to be 12:49 so I aimed to finish before this!

Would you do it again? Have you got anything else planned?

The ballot for next year’s Prudential Ride London opens in a few days, and I will be applying!
I have also entered into another organised ride in September and am considering one in October –  I think I have the bug!

You’ve raised a fantastic amount of £500, what would you like to say to everyone who has sponsored you?

I originally set a target of £175 as this had a nice ring to it. But that was soon exceeded, so I lifted the target. All my sponsors have been incredibly generous, and whilst many are pharmacists and therefore know of the charity, others are not linked to the profession at all – but still agreed with the need to support pharmacists, their families and pharmacy students. To all of my sponsors I say thank you on behalf of the recipients of the support that can now be provided by the charity, but thanks also for encouraging me with this challenge – it was a memorable day!

Why is the charity important to you?

Having been in the profession for 36 years, and had extensive contact over the years with the organisation and some of the pharmacists who have needed a helping hand, this charity is very high on my list to support.  I know of no other charity that better focuses on the special cases involving pharmacists, their families and students.

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Support #175Hero Team?

Those of us in the fortunate position of being able to support charities often gravitate towards those that have in some way touched our lives – hence the success of some of the major health charities.  But, in pharmacy we do not always appreciate the work of Pharmacist Support – many would think that pharmacists, their families and students are unlikely to need support from a charity – but the evidence shows that whilst many pharmacists never need such support, the numbers of people who do need our support is growing.  We need not only to raise funds to continue with that support, we also need to increase the awareness of our donors and potential recipients, and there is no better way than to have a series of events spanning a year – such as this, our 175th anniversary.  I hope that many pharmacists will take up a challenge and become a #175 Hero

Fancy joining Steve and becoming a #175Hero? Contact Emma Peate on 0161 441 0317 or 
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