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Special Recognition Award – Kirit Patel MBE

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On Thursday 23rd March Pharmacist Support held its very first Hero Awards. The event, hosted by Charity Chair Professor Peter Noyce and Chief Executive Diane Leicester-Hallam, saw the charity present 10 awards to individuals, groups and organisations who supported us in our 175th anniversary year. Our Special Recognition Award was presented by Peter.

Honouring five years of support & partnership

“Like everyone, the charity was saddened by the news of Kirit’s premature passing last year, and wanted to acknowledge the significant role he played in supporting our work. Kirit made his first valuable contribution to the charity back in 2011 and since that time took part in an epic fundraising journey across 17 countries with 3 friends, committed with his fellow travellers to a £10,000 donation and in honour of the 175th anniversary year launched the charity’s first employer partnership and payroll giving scheme for employees of Day Lewis Pharmacies. As an added anniversary incentive he personally committed to match all donations made by employees in 2016.”

Accepting on Kirit’s behalf was his son Jay Patel. He had this to say –
“I am incredibly proud to receive this Award on behalf of our late father Kirit; he was a true pharmacy hero and shared many of the core beliefs of the Charity, namely the importance of respecting and caring for people.”

Presenting the Award on the night was event sponsor David Vanns of Weldricks Pharmacy.

“Weldricks know that Pharmacy works because of team work, when a member of a team falls, Pharmacist Support are there to help them get back on their feet. It is our pleasure to try and help the charity do this great work”

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