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The Great Manchester Swim

At the beginning of this year our new fundraiser, Petra, challenged staff to each undertake a fundraising activity. Already we’ve seen a Pharmacist Support themed cake bake, Grand National sweepstake, World Cup competition and a silent auction. The silent auctions have become so popular that they are now a regular feature of our monthly team meetings, with produce from people’s allotments always securing a high bid!

Wellbeing boost

Our wellbeing project administrator, Helen, loves a challenge and on 19th July she will be diving into the murky depths of Salford Quays to take part in the Great Manchester Swim. Working in wellbeing she understands the benefits of exercise and appreciates that setting a target and having a challenge is a great way to stay motivated. After a tiring day at work it can be easy to put off going to the pool or the gym but knowing you are training for a big event encourages you to get your kit on and go. After the first ten minutes or so the endorphins start to kick in leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised and glad you made the effort.

Helen is known for her sense of adventure and her previous charity endeavours include scaling the heights of Kilimanjaro and sky diving out of a plane!

We asked her what drives her to take on such challenges: “I’m just an ordinary person, no great athlete or anything, but I want my life to count. Raising money for charity gives me such a buzz and it motivates me to take on challenges that get people noticing and sponsoring me. This year I am turning my efforts closer to home to raise money to support pharmacists. My involvement with the wellbeing workshops has given me some insight into how stressful life as a pharmacist, pre-reg and student can be. Seeing first-hand how the charity can positively impact their situations inspires me to do more.”

Fundraising support

You can track Helen’s progress and sponsor her on the Justgiving web site

If you are interested in taking on a challenge but don’t know where to start, get in touch. We would love to talk to you about how you can get involved! Call us on 0161 441 0317 or drop us an email at

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