National student bursary scheme

If you are an MPharm student entering your final year in autumn 2020, you may be interested in our national bursary scheme.

The scheme will make awards to students who demonstrate financial hardship, outstanding and exceptional qualities to overcome an ongoing adversity, sound academic performance and who are expected by their school of pharmacy to make a positive contribution to pharmacy in Great Britain.

A panel will consider all applications and a limited number of bursaries, of either £3,000 or £5,000, will be awarded to those students who best meet the criteria.

Once your term begins the first step is to check with your university that they are taking part in the scheme – most fully accredited schools of pharmacy in Great Britain are. If they are participating, there will be a designated member of staff at your university and the next step will be to speak to them.  All applications will have to be endorsed by the Pharmacy School and they will then be submitted to Pharmacist Support for consideration by the Bursary Panel.

The opening date for applications for the 2019/20 bursary is the 9th December 2019. Our deadline for receipt of applications is 27th March 2020 but students should check with their universities as their deadlines may be earlier.