Other organisations that help students

This webpage contains information about other organisations who provide help and support to students.

There are many organisations which support pharmacy students and students in general. Some of these are listed below, including the organisations specifically for people completing a pharmacy degree.

British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA)

As an undergraduate student, you can become a joint member of the BPSA and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) for free and take advantage of a range of services offered by both organisations. The BPSA offer students support and representation. For further information visit the BPSA website.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) 

The RPS offers a selection of support services, including a dedicated online student group allowing you to network with other students in the UK, access to the PJ and library support services. For further information see the RPS website.

Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA)

Students can join the PDA for free. As most students now combine work and study, the PDA can provide representation for employment disputes. They can also provide assistance to students with issues surrounding the GPhC code of conduct. For further information, see their website.

The Student Room

The student room has forums specifically for students to discuss all matters including pharmacy. For further information, see their website.

Mindfulness for students

Mindfulness for students offers advice to students about mindfulness and how it can help you in your daily life. For further information, see our page on Mindfulness.

Students against Depression

Students against Depression offers information and resources about stress, depression and suicidal thinking. For further information, see the Students against Depression website.

Nightline counselling service

The Nightline counselling service is run by students for students. It is a confidential listening service and it is open throughout the night. Each university offers their own Nightline service. See your university website for further details.

Stand Alone

Stand Alone offers support services to adults that are estranged from their family or children. Services include support groups and therapeutic workshops, support for students having difficulties with student finance and accessing accommodation over the summer period and information about adult foster families. For further information, visit their website.

This webpage was last reviewed in July 2023.

Further support for pharmacy students

Further support for pharmacy students

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Further support for pharmacy students

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Further support for pharmacy students

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