Information for Provisionally Registered Pharmacists

Passing the registration assessment

If you receive a pass result at the registration assessment, you will then need to apply for full registration as a pharmacist.

You will remain on the provisional register and can continue to work until your application has been successfully processed.

You do have the option of applying for registration ahead of results day, or getting your documents and application ready to submit as soon as you receive your results.

Leaving the provisional register if you are unsuccessful in this sitting

If you are not successful at this attempt at the registration assessment, you cannot continue to work as a provisionally-registered pharmacist from the time when you receive your results.

The GPhC have advised if you have not already done so, you may wish to speak to your employer about the support they may be able to offer if you are unsuccessful and they will provide more information and support in the guidance you will receive with your results.

You do have further opportunities to sit the assessment in the July and November sittings, and to progress to full registration.

If you are a provisionally registered pharmacist and you have failed your first attempt, you can get additional support and guidance from the RPS provisionally registered helpline. You can contact them on or call them on 0207 572 2737.

Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme 

Provisional pharmacist registration is a unique situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme (IFPP) from Health Education England is designed to provide you with support with the transition from pre-registration trainee, through provisional registration, to becoming a fully registered foundation pharmacist and beyond.

All provisionally registered pharmacists are encouraged to register with the IFPP irrespective of their employment status or sector. The IFPP is designed to provide you with support, direction, information and resources to help you to bridge the transition from pre-registration training to independent practice.

Individuals can continue to sign up to register for the IFPP, but please note registration closes on 10 May 2021.

You can register for this if you are a provisionally registered pharmacist (you do not have to be working), or if you are a trainee who has successfully completed 52 weeks of training and are waiting to sit the exam. This will give you access to a library of resources, including OpenAthens, e-Learning for Healthcare, SCRIPT (e-learning for prescribing and therapeutics), and CPPE resources.

If you have deferred sitting the GPhC registration assessment in March

If you did not sit the assessment in March, you will be able to continue as a provisionally registered pharmacist. You can continue to work towards the IFPP end of programme requirements and you can continue to collect evidence in your portfolio. The IFPP will also continue to provide registration assessment support ready for the summer GPhC assessments

If you were unsuccessful in the GPhC registration assessment in March 2021

The IFPP will continue to support you if you were unsuccessful in the March 2021 GPhC registration assessment. They advise individuals can remain registered with IFPP to access resources and support only, but will be unable to complete the programme or gain a Statement of Development.

If you are preparing to sit your first assessment or a resit

IFPP assessment resources are all available via Learning Hub – search IFPP (individuals need an NHS email account or OpenAthens account to sign up to the Learning Hub):

  • Exam Game Plan: a trainee pack designed to help trainees with everything from exam preparation, revision methods and managing exam day It offers generic advice, tips, strategies, templates and short activities enabling trainees to select areas which will help them succeed.
  • IFPP Getting Exam Ready Sessions:
  • Session 1: focuses on supporting exam preparation, identifying learning needs – by reviewing the GPhC assessment framework and planning study around work and other commitments to create an achievable study
  • Session 2: focuses on creating a support network, exploring the resources that are relevant to learning needs, describing preferred learning style(s) and identifying revision strategies that will accelerate learning.
  • Session 3: focuses on final steps before the assessment including planning a learning schedule, time management and organisation for the assessment, and identifying self-help strategies to help relax and manage exam nerves. This session is also complemented by Pharmacist Support video: Managing exam stress and anxiety.

GPhC registration assessment quick revision topics: A brief video to update pre-registration and provisional registration pharmacists about the GPhC assessment question types.

Registering as a pharmacist

Are you ready to join the GPhC register as a pharmacist? We have lots of advice about registering for the first time and beginning to work as a pharmacist.

Looking for work: job vacancy sites

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Registration assessment 2021

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