Information for Provisionally Registered Pharmacists

Passing the registration assessment

If you receive a pass result at the registration assessment, you will then need to apply for full registration as a pharmacist

You will remain on the provisional register and can continue to work until your application has been successfully processed.

You do have the option of applying for registration ahead of results day, or getting your documents and application ready to submit as soon as you receive your results.

Leaving the provisional register if you are unsuccessful in this sitting

If you are not successful at this attempt at the registration assessment, you cannot continue to work as a provisionally-registered pharmacist from the time when you receive your results.

The GPhC have advised if you have not already done so, you may wish to speak to your employer about the support they may be able to offer if you are unsuccessful and they will provide more information and support in the guidance you will receive with your results.

If you have deferred sitting the GPhC registration assessment

If you have not yet attempted the exam, you will be able to continue as a provisionally registered pharmacist. You should note that the provisional register is due to close at the end of January 2022, and you will no longer be classified as a provisionally registered pharmacist once the register is closed.

Registering as a pharmacist

Are you ready to join the GPhC register as a pharmacist? We have lots of advice about registering for the first time and beginning to work as a pharmacist.

Looking for work: job vacancy sites

Are you looking for a new job? This page contains a list of specialist pharmacist sites, locum sites and more general job sites.

Support during your registration assessment

We understand that the assessment is the culmination of five years of hard work and study. On this page you’ll find information about how Pharmacist Support can help you before, during and after the assessment. The links at the bottom of the page take you to further guidance and support available to you from us…