Information for Provisionally Registered Pharmacists

The provisional register

Owing to the many procedural difficulties candidates encountered in the June sit the GPhC will be opening a provisional register.

The GPhC has contacted all candidates who had a delayed start of more than 30 minutes. If you are not sure you fit into this category or have not heard from the GPhC yet you should contact them for further help on 020 3713 8000. The provisional register opens on 1 August 2022 and closes on 1 February 2023. This will give all provisionally registered pharmacists time to sit the exam again.

Registration dates

Registration dates are the same as other GPhC registers. Depending on when you submit your application, your name will appear on the first or fifteenth day of the month. If you chose to wait until you received your results before applying, you will need to submit your completed application form by 5 August in order to be included on the register on 15 August.

Who can join the provisional register?

If you sat the June assessment you will already have been awarded an MPharm degree or an Overseas Pharmacists’ Assessment Programme (OSPAP) diploma or masters.  In addition, to be eligible for provisional registration you must:

  • have sat the registration assessment on 29 June 2022 and experienced delays of 30 minutes or more in starting or completing either or both Part 1 and/or Part 2 of the registration assessment due to technical or other IT difficulties (This also includes those who withdrew from the registration assessment on the day due to the start of the assessment being delayed by 30 minutes or more); and
  • have not previously failed the registration assessment at a sitting earlier than 29 June 2022.
  • have successfully completed 52 weeks pre-registration or foundation training and received a final declaration from your tutor that you have met all performance standards or learning outcomes
  • not be subject to fitness to practise proceedings

The GPhC will also provisionally register candidates whose appeal is upheld due to other issues that would constitute procedural error in the conduct of the assessment.

Find out more about joining the provisional register


What can you expect from your employer?

Once your name appears on the provisional register you are free to start work as a responsible pharmacist. You do not have to stay with the employer who you undertook your foundation training with unless you want to do so.  

 Your employer will need to undertake a risk assessment, provide you with a named support person and offer a structured support programme for you. A named support person will usually be a chief pharmacist or a superintendent pharmacist. You do not have to meet your named support person face-to-face; this can be done remotely if needed.   


Your salary should be the same as that paid to a regular newly qualified pharmacist. If you are working in a hospital, you should be paid at the starting point of the Band 6 salary range. In community you should be paid the going rate as set by the employer, this will vary from employer to employer.   

Responsibilities and job roles

You will be classed as a responsible pharmacist in the usual way and will be able to undertake all of the tasks associated with the title. Any employment must be with one named employer who is able to offer the structured support that you need. Given this requirement, nobody on the provisional register will be able to work as a locum. Even if you have a full-time job and are looking to pick up the occasional shift as a locum, this will not be allowed.  

You will be able to work as a relief pharmacist because you will still have the structured support of one employer. The same applies to pharmacists who want to join a hospital bank.   

Naturally, no provisional pharmacist will be able to work as a chief or superintendent pharmacist. 

Your employer must also ensure that you receive study time prior to the November exam.

Indemnity insurance 

You should ensure that you have adequate indemnity insurance before you begin work. This can be provided by your employer, or you might want to take out your own personal cover. Organisations such as the PDA or the GHP  can provide insurance for you. Insurance providers will only cover you if you are working within your competencies as set out by your job description and in line with the risk assessment that was carried out by your employer.  

What if your employer expects too much from you?

If your employer is asking you to undertake tasks that are not within your competencies, seek help from your named support person in the first instance. If this is not possible you could contact your trade union if you are a member. You could also contact the CPPE or the PSNC if you are working in a community pharmacy.  

Passing your next registration assessment

You must sit the registration assessment at the first available opportunity if you are fit to
do so. If you receive a pass result at the November 2022 registration assessment, you will then need to apply for full registration as a pharmacist

You will remain on the provisional register and can continue to work until your application has been successfully processed.

You do have the option of applying for registration ahead of results day or getting your documents and application ready to submit as soon as you receive your results.

Leaving the provisional register if you are unsuccessful in the November sit

If you fail the next registration assessment, you cannot continue to work as a provisionally registered pharmacist from the time when you receive your results.

If you are working as a provisionally registered pharmacist you may wish to speak to your employer about the support they can offer if you are unsuccessful. The GPhC will provide more information and support in the guidance you will receive with your results.

If you have deferred sitting the GPhC registration assessment

You should only sit the November assessment if you feel well enough to do so. If you do not sit the November exam, you will be able to continue as a provisionally registered pharmacist. The provisional register will close on 1 February 2023, and you will not be classified as a provisionally registered pharmacist once the register is closed.

Further support for registration and finding work

Further support for registration and finding work

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Further support for registration and finding work

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Further support for registration and finding work

Support during your registration assessment

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