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Volunteers Together

On Sunday 24th June we celebrated the work of our amazing volunteers with a one day event in Manchester. The event brought together representatives from across our four volunteer teams:

* Ambassadors

* Listening Friends

* Home Visitors

* Coaches

Some came from as far afield as Kirkcaldy in Scotland, and given that the event coincided with the England vs. Panama match – our volunteers really did prove their dedication to the cause!

For some of our volunteers this was their first ever PS event, providing them with a great opportunity to find out more about the charity and how they fit into the PS family and our work. For some of our more seasoned volunteers it was a fantastic networking opportunity to meet people from the other volunteer groups and find out what their different roles entail.

We kicked things off with a game of People Bingo which helped our volunteers get to know each other a little better, then continued with some charity updates and presentations from each volunteer group. Peppered throughout the afternoon were a series of fun group listening exercises, aimed at getting the volunteers to think a little differently. Unlike in their day to day roles as pharmacists where advice is given, much of the work we do here at the charity revolves around listening, communicating information, reflecting and signposting.

It was really inspiring to see all of our volunteers together, sharing stories and information and learning from each other. Since 2016 this wonderful lot have given up 1170 hours of their time to the charity. So above everything else, this event was an opportunity for us to say thank you!

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