Home visitors

Home Visitors visit beneficiaries in their home all over Great Britain. The role of the Home Visitor is essential in ensuring that all applications for assistance are provided with a personal response and that the full needs of the applicant are assessed.

The role of the Home Visitor

  • To provide a friendly face from Pharmacist Support
  • To assist with the application process and encourage applicants to think widely about their needs
  • To listen to the concerns of the applicant/beneficiary and to report all of the needs that person raises (not just financial) to the Grants Officer
  • To help the applicant/beneficiary by providing useful contacts for signposting (only where specifically advised Pharmacist Support office staff)
  • To ensure, through the use of a checklist, that the applicant / beneficiary has considered or raised any additional areas of need
  • To write a short report of the visit, using the home visiting briefing note and checklist provided and return to the Grants Officer within a week of the visit.
  • To discuss the case with the Grants Officer (when required) to enable a more informed decision to be taken regarding the level of assistance to be provided by Pharmacist Support
  • To attend training / development meetings (usually 1 per anum)
  • To advise the beneficiary of other services provided by the charity.

Skills and Experience Required

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, in particular, listening skills
  • Empathetic nature
  • Awareness of own judgements and attitudes and importance of suspending these when visiting a client
  • Commitment and willingness to abide by confidentiality, safety and other necessary policies and procedures
  • Car user and willingness to travel
  • Commitment to personal development / training.

Visits to new applicants

Additional visits are required by the charity from time to time in relation to new applicants. These visits differ slightly from the usual home visitor role, as set out below. In these cases the home visitor:

  • will provide assistance to Pharmacist Support by checking the applicant’s circumstances (this could be health related, accommodation, documentation) as directed by Pharmacist Support
  • may be asked to assist applicants with providing a fuller picture of their circumstances, where this may have proved challenging / difficult for Pharmacist Support staff following the usual process
  • may be asked to verify information given by the applicant to Pharmacist Support.


We understand that you are all busy people! We do, however, require a minimum commitment from volunteers to ensure that they keep up-to-date and receive the appropriate level of support and training.

We ask that all volunteers are available to undertake a minimum of 2 visits a year. We also ask that volunteers attend one training / update sessions per year (usually of 2-3 hours duration).