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Spring into Summer

Sunday 30th March heralds the start of British Summer time and we can look forward to the long, light evenings that leave us feeling energised. It’s the chance for an evening walk after work, a drink in the sunshine with a few friends or an impromptu BBQ. But how do we cope with losing that hour’s sleep?

Our top tips:

  • Start the process early, try changing your clocks before you go to bed on Friday to ease yourself into it gradually
  • Exercise, this releases serotonin, a chemical in the brain that helps our bodies adjust to the time difference (a good tip for when you are travelling across time zones too)
  • Get outside, especially in the morning. Morning light improves sleep because it helps to regulate our natural clocks and to reset them
  • Don’t fret about losing an hour’s sleep, you have your most powerful sleep in the first few sleep cycles of the night, so the effects of losing an hour are small
  • Be grateful you don’t have as many clocks to change as Buckingham Palace – they have over 1,000!
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