Let’s talk self-care

The second in our Winter series of Let's Talk articles, aimed at highlighting the assistance available during these particularly pressured and challenging months, focuses on the help available through our peer support and counselling service.

Making time for you

Tying in with #SelfCareWeek (which aims to empower people to better look after their own physical health and mental wellbeing), we are encouraging all across our pharmacy family to focus inward – to invest some time in you and your wellbeing needs.

Following on from the messages shared during our recent ACTNow campaign that actively promoted individuals across the sector to #BreakTheSilence and open up conversations about mental health & wellbeing, we’re keen to share the support the charity can provide with this.

A safe space to talk & find clarity

Our Listening Friends peer support scheme exists to provide a safe space in which to begin to talk through any professional or emotional issues or worries you may have. This telephone based service is confidential and anonymous and allows callers with an opportunity to speak to one of our trained volunteer pharmacists. Our volunteers do not provide advice, but they recognise the pressures of pharmacy practice and will offer you the time and space to talk through issues and to try to find clarity.

Go to Listening Friends

At the start my Listening Friend would listen to me, let me express my concerns. Then gradually after each phone call they helped to challenge me to realistically put things into perspective and find my strengths and areas to improve on. They helped me find my true worth. Being able to talk to someone independent and outside of my workplace has helped me really be open and honest about my struggles. I am now in a much better place.
Listening Friends service user

Free and confidential psychological support

For those experiencing mental health issues and in need of psychological support we can fund up to twelve counselling sessions.

The counsellors are there to help individuals deal with a variety of issues. By seeking constructive help, you may identify ways of addressing the root causes of your concerns to help you to cope.

Go to Counselling

Professionally, I was off work having only ever been off sick for one day in my career.  Personally, I had lost my confidence and self-belief. I was completely broken.  I shared my challenges with my counsellor Simon and spoke about how I felt, and how some of this took me to my childhood traumas.    Simon had a fantastic style of questioning which I appreciated. I was able to talk freely without any filters as we had initially agreed the ground rules and that Simon could ask me anything. There were times when I was drained, times when I was emotional and times when I was relieved to be able to share things knowing that I was not being judged.  
Counselling service user

We’re here for you!

Now’s the time to look after you. This self care week, why not make a commitment to yourself to make time to talk, to reflect, and to learn about the support and resources available. Reach out to one of our Listening Friends, complete a self referral form for counselling support or explore the I Need Help Managing My Mental Health & Wellbeing pages on our website or the wellbeing workshops and videos on our Wellbeing Learning Platform.

As pharmacists you are the go to people for other’s issues and worries. At Pharmacist Support, we’re here for you!