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Medical Minds Matter

On 28th October, Chief Executive, Diane Leicester-Hallam joins medical professionals in London for Medical Minds Matter – a one-day conference hosted by Maudsley Learning in association with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Mind Matters Initiative.  With the aim of better understanding the mental health challenges faced by medical professionals – including veterinary surgeons, doctors, dentists and pharmacists – this event also hopes to lessen the stigma surrounding mental illness and help facilitate those working in the profession with the necessary skills to support suffering individuals.

“Medical Minds Matter will be a unique event, bringing together a diverse range of medical professionals for the first time to tackle an issue that is, sadly, one that looms large for many professions,” says Colonel Neil Smith, Chair of the Mind Matters Initiative.

“There is much we can learn from each other, and we hope that the event will help delegates develop a shared understanding of common issues and successful interventions, as well as paving the way for future collaborations across the professions.”

The day will include speakers from organisations including Pharmacist Support, The Royal College of General Practitioners, the University of Bath, King’s College London, the Doctors’ Support Network, the SAFEMED Programme, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and the Dentists’ Health Support Programme.

Workshop sessions will focus on shared themes, such as peer support and resilience building; cognitive behavioural therapy; and, tackling stigma. There will also be the opportunity to share ideas for future collaboration.

For further information on the conference click here.  Tickets are limited, so early booking is advised. Those interested in attending can register and purchase tickets here. We hope to see you there!


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