Plan your Fundraising Event

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Planning your fundraising event in eight easy steps.

Before you get caught up in the excitement of putting on a fundraising event – draw up a plan of action.  Grab a few helpful friends, and you’ll be quick-stepping through the perfect plan in no time.

1.Pick something fun to do

If it’s your first fundraising event, keep it simple and start with what you know. If you love baking cakes, or hosting a dinner party you’ve already got a recipe for success.  If you’re an old-hand at putting on events, you could try something a little more adventurous.

2. Set a Date, Time and a Target

See what events are happening near you to make sure your activity does not clash with another event. Set yourself a target of how much you want to raise; it’ll give you that extra bit of incentive to really go for it.

3. Choose a venue

Ask yourself the important questions: will it appeal to my target audience? Is it accessible? What will it cost?  Is it available the date I want it?

4. Tell Everyone

If people don’t know about your event they won’t turn up! If you’re inviting friends, use email,  Facebook and Twitter remember to tag us in it @pharmasupport.  If you’re aiming wider, you can download one of our posters and put them up at work or university. Don’t forget your local newspaper or newsletter too.

5. Get a little help from your friends

Think about everyone you know, what skills they have and how they may be able to help.  What connections or talents do they have?  Get your friends, local businesses, and community groups involved.  Do a bit of networking – swap ideas or ask for advice via our Facebook page.

6. Stay Safe 

  • carrying a first aid kit
  • knowing where the fire exits are
  • checking any equipment you’re using

You can get free health and safety advice from: The Health and Safety Executive online.

7. Remember you’re helping people within your profession

If you start to flag, remember why you’re supporting Pharmacist Support. Inspire potential donors with our case studies – let them know that every penny you raise will help support the charity and others in your profession.

8. Keep in Touch

We are all in this together. So if you want to chat about anything, need advice or more materials please do get in touch.