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New fitness to practise fact sheet

Fitness to practise

We have just published a new fact sheet giving information on a range of common enquiries we receive from pharmacists with regards fitness to practise. This fact sheet sets out the processes surrounding a fitness to practise investigation and/or hearing. Topics covered include:

  • what happens when a concern is received
  • interim orders
  • investigations
  • fitness to practise hearings

The fact sheet also sets out who is involved in each stage of the process, examples include:

  • investigation teams
  • inspectors
  • investigating committees
  • fitness to practise committees.

There are also sections covering the various sanctions, the duration of the different types of sanctions and how long they will be visible to the public on the GPhC online register. Examples include:

  • undertakings
  • warnings
  • conditions
  • suspensions
  • removal from the register.

Any pharmacist with concerns about a fitness to practise investigation and/or hearing can contact us for further help and support.

Call us directly on 0808 168 2233, e-mail us at or contact us via live online chat.

Pharmacists might also want to have a look at our Fitness to practise: investigations and hearings fact sheet.

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