Come dine with me

When it comes to fundraising one of the most popular ways to get people interested is by offering them food.   Here is a great way to put your culinary skills to the test whilst you and your friends host a dinner party just like the TV Show. 

Send out Invitations

Choose a date and invite a group of 10 friends round for dinner (or more if you’re feeling brave!). Then select a theme for the evening and prepare a tasty two or three course meal.

Set up a Dinner Page on the Dinner 4 Good website.  It takes around 5 minutes and is really easy to do.

Your guests will then receive an email invitation to your dinner and they can accept the invitation and make a donation via the Dinner 4 Good website.

Planning your evening

Get your guests to donate what they normally would spend on a meal, or give what they think the meal will be worth as an alternative to the scoring system in the TV series. We suggest a minimum donation of £10 to reward you for all of your hard work.

Spread the word and set up a just giving page so that friends are able to donate online too, even if they can’t make it.

Choose the menu for the evening and be sure to check whether any of your friends have any dietary requirements.  If you really want to go for it you could choose a theme for your evening such as 60’s, 70’s or 80’s disco, murder mystery, girls v boys, night in or Italian/Chinese/Indian etc.  You could focus your menu on your theme and add entertainment such as cocktail shaking, karaoke or wine tasting.

Double check the preparation and cooking times and that you have everything you need in advance to ensure it runs smoothly on the night. Decide on whether to provide drinks or ask everyone to bring a bottle.

On the night

Be sure to leave some time to dress the table/room and of course make yourself look fabulous!  Then all you need to do is have a great meal together, knowing that it’s for a good cause – helping fellow pharmacists, trainees and students through stressful times. Having fun has never been so satisfying!

Dinner 4 Good collects the online donations from your guests and collects the Gift Aid (an extra 25% where applicable) from the tax office and passes the funds directly to Pharmacist Support.

Remember to take lots of photos and email us the best ones and /post on Twitter (tagging in @pharmasupport) and Facebook (tagging Pharmacist Support).

After the event

Let us know how much you have raised! We will get a notification from Dinner 4 Good  for all of the donations you have collected through them.  If you have also taken cash donations on the night simply count up the cash send the money to us.

  • the easiest way is for you to count up the cash and pay it in from your bank account via just giving.  For help setting up an online giving page click here and remember to mention that it is for your Come dine with me event.  You can also get your friends to make additional donations to your page too.
  • you can send a cheque payable to Pharmacist Support with your Paying in form outlining how much your event raised to: Fundraising, Pharmacist Support, 196 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WF

AND – if your meal has gone well why not challenge your dinner guests to do the same!