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2020 – A difficult year, but one of postive impact

As we embarked on delivery of our new strategy at the beginning of 2020, we were not aware just how important this new strategic focus on wellbeing would be to ensure that those in our pharmacy family were supported through challenging times.

With a refreshed vision and mission in place, this new 5-year strategy has guided us through the pandemic and has ensured that our renewed focus has been at the forefront of all that we do.

We understand that not only do members of our pharmacy family face enormous pressures in their work lives, but many individuals are facing challenges emotionally and psychologically too.

At the beginning of the year we set out the following strategic priorities, to:

1. Raise awareness of Pharmacist Support

2. Enable pharmacists to manage their wellbeing

3. Increase awareness of the issues impacting our pharmacy family’s wellbeing

4. Manage the charity effectively to ensure we meet current and future demand

Our aim in setting out these priorities, was to help us create positive change. By 2025, as a charity, we want:

  • more potential beneficiaries aware of who we are and what we do – enabling more people to seek support.
  • a sector actively working together to improve the wellbeing of our pharmacy family.
  • pharmacists empowered to improve their wellbeing, creating a more resilient pharmacy workforce.
  • to have increased our impact whilst ensuring long term financial sustainability.

At the end of year one of this strategy, we are delighted – despite the curve ball thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic – to be well on our way to achieving these ambitious goals. In the 12 months leading up to Dec 31, 2021, Pharmacist Support:

  • experienced a 75% increase in awareness, with 35,000 people reached through online events and 149,749 visits to our charity website – where we host a range of information, factsheets and wellbeing resources
  • delivered 10,107 acts of support over an eight month period through our newly developed Wardley wellbeing hub, provided £76,715 in financial assistance to members of our pharmacy family in difficulty and responded to 1225 enquires.
  • provided 6,865 acts of support to over 4,800 individuals through our new ACTNow wellbeing campaign
  • recruited four new members of staff to ensure a centralised and strategic approach to volunteers and administration, as well as to support our marketing communications activities. We also continued the development of our partnership work, that included our well established partnership with the PDA, whose £1 per member pledge made back in 2017 topped £110,000 in donations to the charity.

To read more on our 2020 activities and achievements, check out our 2020 Impact Report.

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