Join the Movement: Student ACTNow Wellbeing Campaign 2024

This year, we're renewing our commitment to student wellbeing by launching the Student ACTNow campaign in collaboration with pharmacy schools nationwide.

Prioritising student wellbeing

University Mental Health Day on Thursday 14th March serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and on bringing together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority. On this day, Pharmacist Support will again kick off its annual ACTNow wellbeing campaign, partnering with pharmacy schools across Great Britain to emphasize the significance of student wellbeing.

Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing a wealth of resources designed to encourage individuals to:

  • Allow time for wellbeing
  • Consider the needs of others
  • Take action!

Our goal with this campaign is to raise awareness of the challenges facing pharmacy students and to provide practical support for managing these issues. We aim to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health in the sector and foster open dialogue about wellbeing. By partnering with pharmacy schools and organisations across the sector, we hope to cultivate a culture of support and resilience, in line with our strategic vision for an empowered workforce.

We want to encourage pharmacy students to sign up to the campaign and by doing so they will gain access to free, valuable resources to help them mentally prepare for their exams, get ready for life as a trainee pharmacist and stay on top of their mental health and wellbeing.

ACTNow & sign up today!

We’re calling on pharmacy schools and students alike to ACTNow and join us on this journey towards better mental health and wellbeing:

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Sign up to the charity’s student ACTNow wellbeing campaign

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Together, let’s equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to support one another and create a healthier, more supportive environment for pharmacy students everywhere. Join the movement today!