Those financially dependent on a pharmacist, for example a spouse / partner, child or disabled son or daughter over the age of 18 are also eligible for support from the Charity.

  • For pharmacists with ill or disabled children we have provided financial assistance for the purchase of disability aids and grants to cover priority living costs and bills while a parent/guardian takes time off work to care for the child. We have also provided advice on benefits entitlements
  • For the widows/widowers of pharmacists we have provided small regular grants to top up their reduced income. In situations where a need for round-the-clock care has been identified we have helped financially with care home top up fees and have provided one off grants to assist with a large unexpected bill or minor household repair.  Emotional support has also been offered via a Listening Friend as well as information relating to other specialist organisations that can help
  • For pharmacists whose spouse or partner has fallen ill and is unable to work, we have provided financial assistance to help with the reduction in income and have provided debt and benefits advice and help towards the cost of family counselling. We have also collaborated with other charities to match fund specific care related items or adaptations.