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Wardley workshop trainers in the spotlight

“The most worthwhile event I have run in a long time. Thank you Pharmacist Support for the wellbeing workshop element”

Well it’s been almost a year since we launched our Wardley wellbeing service and we’ve received some fantastic feedback from those who have attended one of our workshops. Two of the people involved in their development are workshop trainers John Buckley and Marian Wood.  Both trainers work for Worklife Support – a social enterprise promoting wellbeing in organisations. In partnership with the team here at Pharmacist Support they have delivered workshops to hundreds of students, trainees and pharmacists across the country. We sat down with them both for a chat to find out what they love most about their job, what they’ve discovered about the world of pharmacy and most importantly how they manage their own wellbeing!

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What do you love most about training?

John: I love the variety, commitment and enthusiasm of the people I meet. Every session is different, even if the starting point is the same you never know how it will unravel for the people in front of you and how they will help shape the session.

Marian: I love the fact that it makes a real difference to people’s lives. Today’s workplace can be a highly pressured environment. I get great satisfaction from being able to support people to regain control of their lives, adopt a more positive perspective and get improved balance.

What has surprised you most about the world of pharmacy?

Marian: Just how pressurised the job is and how resilient most pharmacists appear to be. I really enjoy working with pharmacists as I find them overwhelmingly positive and passionate about their work!

What is your highlight from the workshops?

John: I really love being part of the workshops.  Every one  and everyone is different.  The people are great!  Participants can often arrive tired after a long day but seem to leave energised and committed to helping themselves see things in a different light. It always feels so positive when someone is willing to take away just one simple strategy and have a go at using it to help improve their own sense of wellbeing. There is often lots of laughter, smiles and good humour.

Marian: I really enjoy working with such a positive and responsive group of professionals. Most sessions are at the end of a long working day and yet everyone engages enthusiastically and is willing to share strategies they use to maintain their wellbeing. It is so uplifting!

What are your ‘feel good five’?

John: Photography, gardening, travelling, reading, music, cooking (well that’s 6!)

Marian: Exercise – especially running – it costs nothing, gets you out in the fresh air and is a great stress reliever! Meeting up with friends for a meal, a glass of wine and a chat. Being engrossed in a good book. Mindfulness, which I aim to practice daily and find really helpful when the pressure is on. Being involved in the work of an orphanage in Kenya, which I visited earlier this year. That certainly helps you to get a perspective on your own difficulties.

What do you do when you feel your stress levels rising?

John: Try and reframe the situation. Check if I have had enough sleep and do something about it. Recognise that for most things, it won’t last forever!

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