Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture

Find out how you can make a positive impact on your team and workplace environment through our Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture course for pharmacy managers and leaders.

Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture: A course for pharmacy managers, leaders, and supervisors.

This course has been developed in response to issues highlighted in our annual workforce wellbeing survey with the RPS that show high levels of burnout and stress in the workplace.

We realise that the conversation about wellbeing in pharmacy needs to move beyond building individual resilience, and that workplace wellbeing is greatly enhanced by practices that can be put into place by managers and employers. Our pharmacy family can already access individual wellbeing support through our Wardley Wellbeing Service and we know it is equally important to support pharmacy managers and leaders to improve wellbeing in the workplace. 

The Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture course provides research-based insights that can be put into action from day one. It offers practical, hands-on strategies to create a healthier workplace, help you manage your team more effectively, and nurture a culture of wellbeing, all tailored specifically to the pharmacy setting. Plus, we’ve incorporated numerous real-world examples and case studies to ensure the content is directly relevant to your day-to-day challenges.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at current and aspiring pharmacy managers and leaders, although anyone can access the course if they wish. It is appropriate for pharmacists in all working environments.

What You’ll Gain from the Course:

The Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture course offers a range of valuable outcomes for both you and your team:

  1. Practical Workplace Transformation: Learn how to implement tangible and positive changes in your workplace, creating a healthier and more supportive environment.
  2. Effective Team Management: Equip yourself with the skills needed to manage and support your team more effectively, fostering teamwork and cohesion.
  3. Wellbeing at the Core: Gain the knowledge to create a workplace where wellbeing is at the heart of every decision, promoting a positive atmosphere.
  4. Enhanced Employee Wellbeing: Foster a pharmacy workplace where pharmacists and all team members can perform at their best while reducing the risk of work negatively impacting their mental health and overall wellbeing.
  5. Career Advancement: Recognise that many managers have not received management-specific training, and this course can open doors for career progression, as these skills are highly valued by employers.
  6. Certificate of Completion/Supporting Revalidation: Receive a certificate and digital badge upon successfully finishing the course. Completion of the course can support your revalidation and professional development.
  7. Business Sense: Beyond personal benefits, investing in your team’s wellbeing makes strong business sense. Recent research by Deloitte reveals that mental health issues cost UK businesses approximately £56 billion annually. Additionally, the World Health Organization found that for every US dollar spent on mental health treatment, there is a return of $4. Addressing your pharmacy team’s wellbeing is not just a matter of compassion; it’s a sound business strategy.

You will learn how to make positive changes in your workplaces to support good mental health and wellbeing in the team.

Find out how you can make a positive impact on your team and workplace environment through our Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture course for pharmacy managers and leaders.

What does it cover? 

The course covers several topics including communication skills, building resilience, and how to encourage a growth mindset in your team. It also aims to help support mental health and wellbeing conversations within the workplace. The course comprises six modules, each of which should take about an hour to complete. The modules are online and can be completed at a time and place of your choosing. 

Module 1 – Introduction to wellbeing in the workplace.  

In this module we look at wellbeing from a workplace perspective, the important roles managers and leaders play in this and the impact it can have on wider organisational culture. 

Module 2 – Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing. 

In this module we delve into mental health, the early warning signs of difficulties developing, and how mental health may affect employees at work. 

Module 3 – The role of the manager in creating a positive workplace culture. 

Next we take a broader look at team wellbeing and the important role managers and leaders play in supporting this. We explore the psychological impact managers can have on team wellbeing and share a range of tools and techniques to help you understand the needs of your team and how to affect/bring about change. 

Module 4 – Communication tools to support team wellbeing. 

In this module we address the importance of language in workplace relationships and how we talk about mental health. We explore communication skills that can help to open up conversations, such as reflective listening and use of open questions, as well as how to tackle difficult conversations. 

Module 5 – Workplace adjustments and structures to support team wellbeing.  

In this module we look at workplace responses, both proactive and reactive, that can support employee wellbeing. This includes how to support someone in distress and adjustments that can be made for employees experiencing stress or mental health problems. We cover how to create a wellness action plan and where to signpost for additional support. 

Module 6 – Building resilience and a growth mindset in your team and across the organisation. 

Finally, we look at how to bring together all that we have covered in the course to create inspired change. We explore how to support and develop a growth mindset at your organisation, how to provide feedback that encourages growth, and what to do to help build resilience across your team to enable them (and the organisation) to succeed. 

At the end of this module we leave you with a positive workplace culture checklist to help you understand where you are currently and what you can do to take your wellbeing practices to the next level.  

How do I sign up? 

In order to sign up, please create an account on our Wellbeing Learning Platform. Once you have joined, you will see the course Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture on your dashboard. At this point you can make payment for the course, which is currently priced at £199.

Create an account and sign up to the course now!

If you would like to sign up a group, need to discuss alternative payment methods, or require an invoice to pay, please contact wellbeing@pharmacistsupport.org and we will be happy to assist. For large group bookings, we may be able to provide discounted rates. 

Join us in this transformative course and contribute to creating a more resilient, productive, and positive pharmacy workplace. Your investment in wellbeing will reap benefits for your team, your career, and your business.

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