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Mental health and wellbeing

Our mission is to champion the wellbeing of our pharmacy family. On these pages you will find guidance and advice on how you can stay mentally healthy and boost your wellbeing.

Physical health

Explore how to easily incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine, and the benefits of doing so.

Help with debt

Practical advice and steps to take to help you get back in control of your finances.

Help with drug abuse

Explore what drug abuse is, as well as how and where to seek help and support.

Foundation trainee pharmacist overview

This page provides information about finance and budgeting, employment advice, changing tutor and progress reports. It also includes details of organisations who offer training and support.

Bullying and harassment

Bullying and harassment have no place at work. This page provides information about how to spot bullying and harassment, and guidance on how to deal with them.

Help with alcoholism

Explore what alcoholism and alcohol dependency are, as well as how and where you can seek help and support.

Career options for MPharm graduates

Are you looking for a role away from pharmacy? This page contains information for trainees who have failed the assessment three times, and graduates who do not want to train as pharmacists.

Finding funding

If you are a pharmacist, trainee or pharmacy student and are experiencing hardship, we may be able to provide you with financial assistance towards essential expenditure. We've also compiled a list of alternative sources for funding.