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Ready to register?

The GPhC guidance on registering for the first time has been updated and is available on their website. It includes information for trainees who have taken the June assessment. We have summarised some of the key points for trainees who are hoping to join the register this summer.

Pre-registration trainees can start their application to join the GPhC register once they have completed 49 weeks of training. Applicants should submit their paperwork at least three weeks before they want to join and registration dates are on the first or the fifteenth day of the month.

Trainees who apply before they have the result of their assessment should also note that their application will be updated automatically with their result once it has been confirmed. The first available date to join the register will be the 1st August 2018. Trainees will need to complete and submit their online application and send the hard copy supporting documents by the 10th July if they want to be registered on the 1st August.

How to register

Trainees can begin the registration process by:-

  • creating an account on the myGPhC online system
  • identifying the supporting documents they will need to send by hard copy
  • completing and submitting an online application form (eligible trainees should all receive an e-mail from the GPhC advising of when the online application process opens)
  • getting their online application countersigned by a pharmacist (trainees should make sure that the pharmacist has registered with myGPhC so that they can countersign).

The GPhC recommends that applicants collect and certify the supporting documents they need in good time to apply. Applicants should also tell the pharmacist who is countersigning their application when they should expect to receive it.

For further information on what documents are needed, and also for a copy of the application form, see the GPhC website.

How much does it cost to join the register?

The total cost of joining the register for the first time is £356. When applicants submit their form they will need to pay a non-refundable £106 processing fee. Applicants who pass their assessment and meet the GPhC requirements will then need to pay the remaining £250 new entrant fee.

The information relating to applicants who have failed will be kept for up to six months from the date of submission. During this time, applicants can edit the information as needed and use it to reapply during the six month window without the need to pay a further processing fee. Applicants who want to apply after the six month window has lapsed will need to start a new application and pay the processing fee again.

Professional indemnity insurance

All GPhC registered pharmacists must have professional indemnity insurance in place before they start to practise. This can be:-

  • a personal insurance policy
  • an arrangement made by an employer for indemnity cover
  • an arrangement though a professional body or trade union
  • any combination of the above.

For further information on professional indemnity insurance requirements, see the GPhC guidance.

For more information on joining the register for the first time, see the GPhC guidance.

We also have a Registering as a pharmacist fact sheet which gives an overview of the GPhC registration process.

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