We’ve launched a new online grants portal!

We're delighted to launch a new online portal which will make it simpler for individuals to apply for financial support from the charity.

A simpler way to apply for a charitable grant

The charity has launched a new grants portal as part of our Financial Assistance. This new portal means we are now able to accept grant applications online, making it simpler and quicker for people to apply for financial assistance.

The portal is tailored especially to individuals in our pharmacy family in need of financial assistance. Applicants can now sign up to the portal and create an account to complete an online form with their personal and financial details. Additionally, applicants will be able to upload any supporting documents easily, safely and securely.

The biggest advantage of this new portal is after submitting the application, an applicant will be able to log into their account whenever they choose and follow the progress of their application through to the decision stage.

Support during financial difficulties

Pharmacist Support is very aware of the impact the continuing rise with the cost of living is having on many households and in uncertain times like this, thinking about money can be stressful.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are here to provide non-judgemental help and support during times of unexpected hardship. We understand that there can be any number of reasons why some may find themselves struggling and may sometimes need additional help.

If you’re experiencing debt or other financial issues, you may be eligible for Financial Assistance from the charity. You can access our full eligibility criteria and link to our new grants portal on the Financial Assistance page.

Go to the Financial Assistance page


If you're struggling, there is a lot of support out there for you

We're delighted to launch a new online portal which will make it simpler for individuals to apply for financial support from the charity.

You’re not alone

There are many charities and organisations which can support you through financial worries. The NHS lists many such organisations and tips for managing your money.

Go to the NHS financial worries site

Additionally there is advice readily available from numerous energy organisations, and other specialist sources, for example the Energy Saving Trust suggests many practical ideas that could help to reduce the bills.

You may also find it beneficial for your household to do a simple benefit check to ensure that you’re claiming all the benefits you’re eligible for. More information can be found on our Money Management page.

Go to the Money Management page


Finally, you may also benefit from one of our other free and confidential support services. If you’re struggling, please reach out to us to explore further how we can assist and help you navigate life’s challenges.

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How we've supported others through financial hardship