Get behind your charity this World Pharmacists’ Day!

You can help us to mark World Pharmacists’ Day this year by supporting our charitable fundraising campaign.

25 September marks World Pharmacists’ Day, a day to celebrate and be thankful for the fantastic work that pharmacists and their teams do every day.  

For Pharmacist Support, it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate our impact and the many different ways we support our pharmacy family; from counselling sessions and our peer support service, to financial assistance, addiction support and beyond, our team works tirelessly to be there for people across our profession to make sure no one in our pharmacy family has to face challenging times alone.  

Why we need to exist 

We understand that the impact of our services on our beneficiaries is invaluable. Our recent Impact Report shows that 100% of service users were satisfied with the help they received, with 78% reporting that the support they had received had a positive impact on their wellbeing. The feedback we receive also illustrates the positive impact our services have on our pharmacy family, with one service user saying: “I genuinely don’t know if I would be sitting here writing this if it wasn’t for the counselling sessions and financial support.” 

Why we need you 

We will always be here to support our pharmacy family, whenever they need us. But we can’t do it without support. As an independent charity, we rely on donations to keep our vital Support Services running. Sadly, since the Covid-19 pandemic and the start of the ongoing financial crisis, our charity has faced several fundraising obstacles, and at the same time, because of the fallout of Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, Pharmacist Support has seen an unprecedented demand for our services. With the increasing pressures on the profession, we foresee that this demand will continue to grow.  

This is where you can help. If you are able to do so, we’re asking everyone across our pharmacy family to get behind Pharmacist Support this World Pharmacists’ Day and make a donation. Your valuable donation, however big or small, can help us change the life of a fellow pharmacist, trainee or pharmacy student who is facing difficult circumstances. 

Make a donation today!

If you’re unable to donate at this time, you can still make a difference by sharing our World Pharmacists’ Day fundraising campaign with your professional and social media networks. You can do this by sharing our new charity video, ‘Who Provides the Support for Us?’, with a link to our donation page: 

Pharmacists across Great Britain provide front line healthcare for the public, but who provides the support for them?

You can help us to mark World Pharmacists’ Day this year by supporting our charitable fundraising campaign.

We’d like to thank the Oldham, Sheffield and Wesham pharmacies at Imaan Healthcare, Jaybee Pharmacy and Yates’ Pharmacy for allowing us to come in and film their incredible pharmacy teams for our charity video. We really couldn’t have done it without their generous time and support!  

Please help us to support more people in our pharmacy family!

As an independent charity, we rely on generous donations from people and organisations in the profession in order to continue our work.

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