Complete our Workforce Wellbeing Survey 2023

Our fifth annual Workforce Wellbeing survey, in partnership with RPS, is now live as part of our long-running partnership to support the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists.

This year the focus of our survey is on assessing current burnout levels and what factors are impacting on poor mental health and wellbeing within the profession.

It’s vital that the workplace supports good mental health and wellbeing and provides the right environment to help prevent the negative effects of working under intense pressure.

Seeking input from students and pharmacists across the sector

The survey  is anonymous, open to pharmacists in all settings including students and those who are not members of RPS.

“As an independent charity, we rely on service user and supporter feedback and the information provided through this survey to help us better understand the current challenges and pressures within the profession” commented Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support.


This data informs our service offering and activities, and over these past few years has led to the development and launch of a new counselling service, annual wellbeing campaign, expansion of our Listening Friends peer support service and development of new wellbeing workshops.
Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support

“Our latest wellbeing training course focuses on supporting pharmacy managers and leaders to make practical and positive changes in order to create healthy working environments with wellbeing at the core. This new ‘Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture’ course will be launched during this years ACTNow wellbeing campaign.

“Our ACTNow wellbeing campaign kicks off on 16th October and focuses on breaking the silence of mental health and wellbeing, transforming workplace cultures and prioritising individual wellbeing. We will explore how organisations, teams and individuals can be a part of a culture change in the profession and how we can embed positive wellbeing practices in the workplace. We encourage everyone to get involved, to have their say, and help the profession work together to address wellbeing.”

The pressures faced by pharmacists across various sectors remain high, causing sustained stress that has become normalised. This is not conducive to the well being of pharmacists and their teams, impacting both physical and mental health.
Professor Claire Anderson, RPS President

Professor Claire Anderson, RPS President, said:

“Please take the time to fill out our survey. Your input is vital to provide the evidence necessary for us to advocate on your behalf. By understanding your needs, we will work with employers and organisations to help create a healthier, happier working environment for all.”

Help us advocate for improvements to support the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists.

The results of the survey will be used by the charity to inform our service development and campaign activities and be shared with governments across Great Britain, the NHS, and wider stakeholders to advocate for improvements to support the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists.

Through its Workforce Wellbeing campaign RPS has achieved access for all pharmacists to national health and wellbeing services across Great Britain in parity with other healthcare professions.

Complete our 2023 Workforce Wellbeing Survey