“The help that the charity provided was a lifeline.”

Read about how we provided financial assistance to an ex-pharmacist facing homelessness.

A housing association in a city in the north of England contacted us when they realised that a man they were about to evict from one of their houses was an ex-pharmacist.

The man was being evicted because the council wanted to demolish the property and he didn’t have security of tenure. He also suffered from depression and was an alcoholic (although in recovery for some years). Despite the man’s circumstances, the council would not consider him to be a priority for rehousing. He was therefore facing homelessness and the prospect of sleeping rough (in the middle of winter).

Pharmacist Support liaised with the housing association.

We provided him with the deposit to rent a new flat and to pay for removal expenses. He is now settled in his new accommodation. In his own words, the help that the charity provided was a ‘lifeline’. The ability to respond quickly helped him through the ordeal and helped to ensure that he did not revert to alcohol during this extremely stressful period.

Support with finances

If you or a dependent needs financial assistance to pay for an unexpected hardship or to support mental or physical quality of life, please reach out to us. We are here for you.

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Read more from others we've supported

“A chance phone call from Pharmacist Support asking about my health made me admit that I was not well and needed help. At last, I had turned a corner – I had asked for help.”

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“Each time I spoke to you, I felt that somebody at the other end of the line really believed and understood what I’ve been through. I am very grateful for what you have done.”

Following a bad accident leaving her with multiple fractures, Maria* was informed that it would be 4 – 6 months before she could return to work. Leaving her and her family in a very difficult situation.