Finding funding


This fact sheet lists some suggestions for identifying possible sources of financial assistance for people in need. It includes books, websites and telephone helplines which can be used to compile a list of possible funding sources. There are also sections on possible sources of financial help for students/education and for research.

How Pharmacist Support can help

We  have a number of reference sources in the Pharmacist Support office which we can consult to locate additional or alternative possibilities for financial help. Please contact us if you would like help with this.  Reference books or on-line reference products may be available for consultation in your local library.

Financial assistance towards essential expenditure in times of hardship may be provided to pharmacists and their families, preregistration trainees and pharmacy students.

We recognise that university is a financial challenge for many students. Budgeting and being careful with money is all part of the learning curve. However, some students face unexpected hardship that’s out of their control, due to unforeseen circumstances events such as ill health, bereavement or loss of income.

If you are currently experiencing hardship, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you assess whether an application for financial assistance is the best route and discuss what other support might be available for you.

To discuss your situation in confidence please call Tel: 0808 168 2233


Written enquiries: 5th Floor, 196 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WF

The guide to grants for individuals in need 

Publisher: Directory of Social Change

The Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need contains details of over 2,000 trusts which together give a total of around £269 million a year for the relief of individual poverty and hardship. Each entry includes eligibility information, the type of grant given, annual grant total and how to apply. Contact details are also provided for each source, as well as advice on selecting the right source of funds for your needs, guidance on how to make an effective application and lists of advisory organisations for health, welfare, sickness and disability. An updated version is produced annually and copies are available in most libraries and some Citizen’s Advice Bureaux.

Grants for individuals

This is a subscription only website, produced by the Directory of Social Change, listing over 3,500 charities which provide funding  to individuals in need for education and welfare.


The Turn2us website provides a free search of hundreds of grant giving charities. There is an A-Z listing of charities as well as a facility to enable you to select criteria, for example, charities that support people with a particular illness or from a particular profession or a particular group, for example, customers of energy or water companies.

Self-help groups

Self-help groups, such as charities supporting people with a particular medical condition can, in addition to providing information and advice on living with that condition, also provide information about any particular organisations that make grants to people with that condition.


Guide to educational grants 

Publisher: Directory of Social Change

The Guide to Educational Grants contains details of nearly 1,500 sources of non-statutory financial help for people in education or training, giving a total of around £54 million each year. Each entry includes eligibility information, the type of grant given, annual grant total and how to apply. Trustee and contact details are provided for each source, as well as advice on selecting the right source of funds and guidance on how to make an effective application. An updated version is produced annually and copies are available in most libraries.


The Education and learning section of GOV.UK gives general information and links to other sources of help on funding for further education, higher education or adult learning.

Family Action Educational Grants

Family Action provides services to disadvantaged and socially isolated families. They may also be able to provide financial assistance under one of their grant programmes. They also have a grants search facility on the website, offering a search of other possible funders.

Family Action Central Office
501-505 Kingsland Road
London E8 4AU
Tel: 020 7254 6251

Student Cashpoint

Student Cash Point is a free website designed to advise and assist students in the process of finding funding to cover the costs of going to college or university. It offers signposting to the local Open4Learning portal, a service which helps to find funding available to cover the costs of studies, from courses and accommodation to childcare, equipment and travel expenses.

Scholarship Search UK

This is a website offering information and an online search facility for scholarships, bursaries and awards available to students – pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate.

British Council

The British Council website gives information on funding for study for both home and international students. Its Education UK website has a search facility to find scholarships and funding for study in the UK.

The Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust


This is a Trust that provides grants to undergraduate students who are children, spouses, widows or widowers of pharmacists that are or were registered with the GPhC. The grant is to support students with any reasonable costs whilst doing a first degree in any discipline.

Harold and Marjorie Moss Charitable Trust


This trust provides hardship grants to undergraduate home students who are struggling financially. Applications must come via the student’s school of pharmacy and students would need to be enrolled on their course prior to applying for a hardship grant.

This trust also provides hardship grants to people who already hold a dispensing qualification or are a qualified pharmacy technician and would like to train to become a pharmacist. In these instances, the trust will accept applications prior to enrolment on a university course.

In both instances, the trust prioritise funds to those who already have a previous degree, who are supporting dependants and/or are working a large number of hours on top of their degree.

Professional Classes Aid Council

The Professional Classes Aid Council is an occupational fund, providing grants to professionals below the UK poverty line, who have a strong educational background (degree level or equivalent) or who are part of a profession that requires these academic qualifications.

Funding for research

Pharmacy Research UK

Pharmacy Research UK is an independent charity that supports and promotes the professional practice and development of pharmacists. Some funding is available for research, both commissioned as well as small scale projects, that may not be eligible for funding from other bodies.

RPS website

The RPS website has a section on research funding including instructional webinars, workshops and seminars.


RDinfo is a website that provides information about funding and training opportunities for UK health professionals.

Individual educational institutions’ hardship funds

Check whether your educational institution offers hardship funds to its students.
You could also speak to the student welfare office/NUS office.

This fact sheet was last reviewed on 11 February 2020.