How we are funded

Pharmacist Support is funded entirely by the generosity of pharmacists and their families and pharmacy organisations.

We rely on people like you to help pharmacists in need. You understand the pressures involved in the sector and people like you contact Pharmacist Support everyday seeking assistance or information.

All pharmacists understand the unique pressures of the job. Whether focused on research and development, education or providing face to face support and advice, the common factor across all areas of the profession is care. This is often a key driver in wanting to help colleagues who have fallen on difficult times, or who themselves have struggled to overcome difficult circumstances. A donation from you today will help a colleague, friend or fellow professional tomorrow.

You can help by setting up a monthly direct debit, one-off donation, payroll giving, organising an event or taking on a challenge or leaving a gift in your will.

One of the pharmacists who helped us is Robert Wardley, by leaving a gift in his will. Robert wanted his legacy to be used to help relieve the stress experienced by pharmacists. With his donation we have been able to develop a wellbeing service that since it’s launch in 2013 has assisted over 10,000 pharmacists, trainees and pharmacy students.

Donating to Pharmacist Support will help ensure that our existing services can continue and will enable the development of new ones as pharmacists’ needs change. It will also allow us to increase awareness of this vital support and make sure that those in need have access to the free and confidential support on offer.

Full details of our income and expenditure can be found in our Annual Report & Financial Statements.


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