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Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

Remember a charity in your will Pharmacist Support Legacy

Two thirds of us don’t make a Will, which is a significant number of people when you start to think about it. It is extremely difficult to determine why this is the case; is it because we don’t like to think about our own demise? Is it because many of us aren’t planners? Or are we just unsure of where to start. Whatever the reason, you may be surprised to know that every year tens of thousands of people die without a Will, resulting in a whopping £51 million* of legacies and estates (eventually) being passed to the Crown.

Being more aware of the benefits of having a Will may well make a difference. Often, in the past, people were introduced to the importance of Wills when buying their first house, getting married or having children. However, in recent times it’s been well documented that there has been a considerable reduction in marriages, house purchases and birth rates too. It could be that these factors have had a negative impact and perhaps more should be communicated about the importance of Wills.

There are lots of ways to make a Will. However, as legal documents, getting some form of professional advice is advised.

The good news is that the cost of making a Will has come down dramatically.  Many people take advantage of reduced price deals that are offered in conjunction with charities. Pharmacist Support offers a reduced rate Will writing service through our partnership with Pennington Manches LLP.

At Pharmacist Support we’ve been fortunate enough to receive a number of legacies over the years. Many of you may already be aware of the very generous gift to the charity from Mr Robert Wardley, which funds our Wardley Wellbeing service. Mr Wardley wanted to help pharmacists who were dealing with stress and we are so proud to have supported nearly five thousand people through a variety of interventions including workshops, counselling and therapies since  receiving the legacy in 2012. More recently we were all quite humbled to Peter legacyreceive a significant legacy from our esteemed former Chairman Professor Peter Noyce CBE, following his passing in June.

Every single legacy is a truly wonderful and precious gift that helps us to continue to support the people in the profession that are facing difficult times and we are immensely grateful for this support. Each gift is tinged with sadness as in order to receive a legacy there is a loss. What’s also sad for us is the fact that we don’t get the chance to say thank you. So we wanted to take this opportunity now to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has left Pharmacist Support a gift or is considering doing so in the future.

If you’d like any further information on making a Will, please check out our Gifts In Wills page here.

*Crown reported figures for 2016/17


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