Updated revalidation requirements

The GPhC has announced changes to revalidation requirements. Take a look at the changes and what you need to do next.

The GPhC recently announced changes to revalidation requirements. If your registration is due on or after 1 October 2022 you will need to submit the following records:

  • four CPD entries, at least two of which should be planned learning activities
  • one reflective account
  • one peer discussion.

There is no suggested word limit but entries that met the requirements tended to be around 400 words long. A selection of example records are available for you to use as guidance. Examples cover a variety of pharmacy settings, including hospital, community, and academia. These can be found on the GPhC website.

If your renewal is due on or before 30 September  2022, you can check your revalidation requirements here.

Which pharmacy standards will be used?

The pharmacy standards for revalidation from October 2022 are:

  • Standard one: Pharmacy professionals must provide person-centred care
  • Standard two: Pharmacy professionals must work in partnership with others
  • Standard five: Pharmacy professional must use their professional judgement

Which submissions are selected for review?

The GPhC will check to ensure that all pharmacists have submitted their revalidation records as required. They will then review 2.5% of all submitted records. Some records will be chosen at random; others will be specifically targeted. For example, if records are submitted late, or if a pharmacist has had an issue with CPD in the past. If you submit your records in time and meet the GPhC criteria, you will not usually be reviewed for at least two years.

What information will the GPhC require?

The GPhC will contact peers to confirm that the peer discussion took place for all records they review. They will not ask for any details of the actual discussion.

In some circumstances a peer review may cause concerns relating to a pharmacist’s fitness to practise. If this happens to you, you should refer to the GPhC guidance with regards to raising a concern.

Submitting revalidation records

You will need to submit your revalidation records at the same time as you renew your registration. Revalidation records can be saved on your myGPhC account at any point. However, you can only submit your records during the two months before your renewal deadline.

Late and/or partial submission of records

You can request an extension or a reduction in the number of records you need to submit if you have a good reason. Extensions and/or reductions in the number of records submitted can only be given for breaks of less than twelve months. Good reasons can include a serious medical condition or maternity leave. In these circumstances it might still be possible to renew a registration without the relevant revalidation records. The GPhC has a revalidation extenuating circumstances request process built into MyGPhC. It is unlikely that you will get a reduction in the number of records for breaks of less than three months. You are more likely to be granted an extension for a short break.

Requests for extensions and/or reductions in the number of records submitted are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. For further information on the kind of request that might be best for you, contact the GPhC.

You might want to consider voluntarily removing yourself from the register if you do not intend to practise within twelve months of renewing your registration. The GPhC suggest that you can always return to the register when you are ready. If you are returning to the register, you will need to show evidence of the steps you have taken to keep up to date with pharmacy practice.

What happens if you fail to submit some or all of your revalidation records?

You will need a good reason for failing to submit your records. If you do this without good reason you will be entered into the process of remediation. The GPhC will expect you to submit all of your records by the end of the designated period of remediation. Failure to do so will lead to administrative removal from the register.

You should note that if your are removed from the register, you will have to pay additional costs to be restored to the register. Depending on the reason for your restoration, this can cost up to £573 extra, along with your renewal fee. For further information about restoration costs and revalidation, see the GPhC website.

Further information about revalidation

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