The provisional register

The GPhC has formally announced that there will be a provisional register for pre-registration trainees who are currently undertaking their pre-registration training.

Who can join the provisional register?

Pre-registration trainees should note that trainees who completing their training during the 2019/20 training year and trainees who completed their training in 2019 but did not sit the assessment exam can apply to join the provisional register. Candidates waiting to sit for a second or third time will not be able to join the provisional register.

What evidence is needed to join the provisional register?

Pre-registration trainees who have successfully completed the 2019/20 or 2018/19 pre-registration training year will need to have their 52-week satisfactory sign-off. This sign-off must be completed by your pre-registration tutor and consists of several elements that the tutor will need to confirm to ensure that you fulfill the GPhC criteria for provisional registration. Full details of the criteria for the final sign-off can be found under the tutor declaration section of the GPhC criteria for provisional registration.

When will provisional registrants sit the final assessment?

The GPhC is currently looking at a number of options for providing a safe environment for final assessment candidates. These options include the possibility of an online exam. Provisional registrants should note that the GPhC would expect them to sit the final assessment at the first possible opportunity, provided candidates are fit to sit the exam.

How long will registrants be able to stay on the provisional register?

The provisional register will open on 1 July 2020 and it will close on 1 July 2021. Provisional registrants will only be able to transfer to the standard pharmacist register if they have passed the final assessments. Candidates who do not pass the final assessment will not be allowed to remain on the provisional register. They will have to wait until they pass the assessment before joining the standard register.

Further information on provisional registration can be found on the GPhC website.