St Patrick’s Day fundraising ideas

Get your Green on and raise money for Pharmacist Support with our #GoGreen4PS St Patrick's Day fundraising ideas.

As you know we love, love, LOVE all things green here at PS and with St Patrick’s Day just around the corner  – what better way to get in on some green action than by celebrating with colleagues, customers and friends and at the same time raising funds for charity. Here are a few of our fave fundraising ideas:

Pot o’ Gold Guessing Game

Put a seasonal spin on the “guess how many jellybeans are in the jar” game by putting chocolate gold coins in a decorated pot. You can then charge £1 or £2 per guess, and the person who has the closest guess to the actual number of coins wins a prize (or even just all the chocolate!). This is a fun and easy way to raise money that can be done over a number of days, with a sweet reward at the end.

Clover Draw

Another “party game” type fundraiser could be the Clover Draw. Fill a box or a jar with a number of cutouts in the shape of regular three-leaf clovers, but include one that has four leaves. Participants can pay a set amount to try their luck (get it?!) at grabbing the four-leaf clover, which could win them a prize.

Shamrock Bake Sale

It’s a classic for a reason, and putting a St. Patrick’s Day spin on a bake sale is a particularly sweet fundraiser. Shamrock-shaped cookies, cupcakes decorated with green frosting and gold sprinkles, and Guinness chocolate cake are a few examples of treats that could be on offer. Make sure you’ve download one of our posters to advertise your event in the days leading up to the bake sale to get the word out.

Irish Potluck

Speaking of food, who doesn’t love a good potluck supper – think hearty stews, potatoes and Guinness! Why not host a special St Patrick’s Day feast for donations.  You could also incorporate a raffle and some Irish themed entertainment.  Remember to download and print one of our posters!

Best dressed

Why not challenge your friends and colleagues (for a donation!) to wear their craziest Irish-themed green hats, wigs and socks on St Patrick’s Day.  Perhaps those not participating pay double. Alternatively, people could nominate for a fee who of their colleagues they’d like to see in the crazy green outfit for the day!

Remember to Spread the word!

No matter what type of St Patrick’s Day fundraiser you choose, be sure to advertise it and get others involved so that you can raise as much money as possible for the charity.

  • Promote your event
    Download and print our posters, send out an e-vite and/or set up a group event and invite people on Facebook. Advertise the event on your company/university intranet site & use social media to spread the word on Twitter and Instagram and share your photos.
  • Get decorating
    Use our bunting, balloons and collection boxes to theme the space and get your friends and colleagues involved
  • Collect those donations 
    Create a Just Giving page & set your fundraising target, print off our donations form and get collecting!
  • Tell your story & thank all involved
    Take pictures and document your days activities, create an article for your company/uni e-news or intranet site, post on facebook with the amount raised (and tag us in!) and circulate to friends and colleagues. NB Please pass any copy about the charity by us first.

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