Preparing for the June 2022 registration assessment

Are you preparing for the June 2022 registration assessment? Here are our top tips to help you get ready for the exam.

This year the summer trainee registration assessment will be held on Wednesday 29 June. Here are our top tips on preparing for the exam.

Start early

Studying for exams early means that you’ll be able to take your time with revision and avoid last minute cramming or rushing through subjects. By revising from at least one month before the exam, you can take your time and identify the topics you find most difficult. This approach will ensure you are ready and allows extra time to prepare. Starting too late is an easy trap to fall into, and then revision can suddenly seem like an impossible mountain to climb – make sure that’s not you!

Make a revision plan

Sit down and make a sensible revision plan. Do not set yourself unrealistic goals. You will still need time to eat, sleep and socialise. Neglecting your own health and wellbeing will not help you pass the exam. Have a look at our webpage on Wellbeing for further tips.

Make use of revision support

Try to take advantage of any free revision support that is on offer. Examples include:

  • The PDA revision support programme offers practice revision questions, two one hour timed mock exams and tips for revising successfully. Membership is free for trainee pharmacists.
  • The CPPE has key programmes to support your revision,  including mapping of CPPE and external resources to areas of high weighting.
  • PassMedicine offers a wide range of sample questions with teaching notes accompanying each question.

There are many other organisations offering revision support. If you do decide that you would like to pay for some additional support, do take advantage of any free trial periods to help you to decide which organisation bests suits your learning style.

Look out for GPhC updates

Keep an eye on the GPhC website for further announcements about the trainee registration assessment. The GPhC has also set up a page dedicated to the June 2022 sit.

Click here for more information

Don’t panic

Whilst exam nerves are normal, it is important to try not to panic as this will only make things worse. If you are feeling worried or depressed about the assessment, talk to somebody. Do not bottle things up. Speak to your friends, family or tutor about how you are feeling or call us to arrange for a chat with one of our Listening Friends. You could also take a look at our Anxiety webpage.

Book annual leave in the run-up to the exam

Lots of people like to book some annual leave in advance of the exam to give themselves a chance to prepare. If you are working, you could have a chat with your employer about flexibility around booking some leave.

Book your exam venue

This year the exam will be held at a BTL test centre, using the Surpass online system. The GPhC has confirmed that sitting the exam remotely, or in a country outside the UK will not be an option this year. If you are currently living abroad you will need to return to the UK in order to sit the exam. You can find the list of test centres here.


Only certain types of calculators are allowed. See which ones below.

Are you preparing for the June 2022 registration assessment? Here are our top tips to help you get ready for the exam.

Remember the essentials

You will need to take your photographic identification documents with you to the exam. Take a mask or face covering with you as some exam centres may ask you to wear these in communal areas. A GPhC approved calculator can be used in part one of the exam. It must be one of the following:

  • Sharp EL 240SAB
  • Catiga CD-8185
  • Rebell Panther 8 Desktop Calculator
  • Aurora HC133

You can also take any of the following if needed:

  • Pens and a single highlighter pen
  • Ruler
  • Glasses/spectacles with no case
  • Water and non-fizzy drinks in a clear, transparent bottle
  • Cough sweets
  • Medication/sustenance (must not cause noise or smell disturbance) if you have a medical
  • Tissues (unpackaged)
  • Cushion (plain, single coloured covering)
  • Eye drops

Don’t be late

Allow plenty of time for travel. You should arrive 30 minutes before the start time so that you can put your belongings in designated area and use the toilets if you need to. Plan your journey to your test centre ahead of time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the start time for the exam, you will not be able to sit and you will be asked to leave the test centre. If you are not able to sit because you are late, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the assessment, otherwise it will count as an attempt.

Consider if you are fit to sit

The usual fit to sit rules apply to this year’s exam. You should note that if you are not fit to sit, for personal or health reasons, it is best to withdraw and wait for the next sitting. Simply complete and submit a GPhC withdrawal from.

You can withdraw at any point before you sign the onscreen non- disclosure agreement, when you are sitting at your workstation in the test room. If you stay at your workstation after you have completed the non-disclosure agreement, you have declared yourself ‘fit to sit’ and can no longer withdraw from the assessment.

Completed forms should be submitted to The deadline for submission is Wednesday 6 July 2022.  Download the withdrawal form here.

Prepare for the unexpected

Don’t panic! If you fall ill during the exam or are having IT issues alert an exam invigilator right away. It is essential that you log the incident(s) with an invigilator and complete an incident report. You will then receive a report number which you can refer to if you decide to request a nullification due to the issue. You will still be charged for the exam, but your papers will not be marked and it will not count as one of your three exam attempts.

Think positively 

Believe in yourself. After all, you have already sat and passed many exams in the run-up to becoming a trainee. This one is no different.

Watch our short video on using visualisation to help you prepare for the assessment.

Are you preparing for the June 2022 registration assessment? Here are our top tips to help you get ready for the exam.

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