Registering for the June 2022 pharmacist registration assessment

The GPhC has released details for all candidates who want to sit the June pharmacist registration assessment. In this article you'll find out if you can register for the assessment, how to register, and how to apply for adjustments, should you need any.

Who can register?

To sit the pharmacist registration assessment, you’ll need to have a satisfactory sign-off for week 39 by 11 May 2022. The deadline for registering to sit the exam is 6 May 2022. If you are due to reach week 39 around or just after the 6 May deadline, your designated supervisor can provide your week 39 sign-off from week 37 onward to ensure that you can still register for the June sit. Candidates who are on their second or third attempt at the exam will not need to provide proof of satisfactory sign-offs.

Do I need adjustments?

The deadline for requesting an adjustment in the June sit is 5pm on Friday 18 March 2022. If you need any adjustments for the exam, it is important that you submit your request as soon as possible. Adjustments can include:

  • 25% extra time
  • use of special equipment or furniture
  • permission to use specific items during the assessment, for example medical equipment, screen overlays and computer equipment
  • specific seating arrangements within a test centre, for example sitting in a sole occupancy room
  • permission to leave your seat during the assessment, for example to move or stretch
  • specific coloured paper for notes and workings
  • modifications to screen display outside of those available to all candidates as outlined in the GPhC Registration assessment specification for sittings in 2022, for example, coloured text or background not specified in the registration assessment specifications.

Candidates should note the GPhC does not accept late requests for adjustments as they have no process for dealing with them.

What evidence will I have to submit for exam adjustments?

You will need to collect supporting evidence with your request for adjustments. Supporting evidence can include:

  • a full report of a detailed diagnostic assessment of specific learning needs  
  • A statement of evidence provided by an appropriately qualified professional

You should not rely on university needs assessments or screening reports as the GPhC do not accept these as evidence for adjustment requests. Candidates who have been granted adjustments in a previous attempt at the exam will also have to submit a new request for each exam attempt. Further information about requesting adjustments can be found on the GPhC website.

Could my request for adjustments impact my future registration as a pharmacist?

The wording in section 3.4  of the GPhC June assessment 2022 reasonable adjustment form does state that:

3.4 For GPhC candidates only – I understand and accept that this information may also be used in the future to decide on an application for entry to the register or to assess my fitness to practise, and that the GPhC may ask for updated information at any such time for these purposes.

If you have concerns about this, or want some advice about whether you need to fill in a “Something to Declare Health form” you could speak to the PDA. Membership for trainees is free and you will also be able to take advantage of the PDA support around preparing for the exam. Join up here.

How do I register for the exam?

You can register for the exam through your myGPhC account. As part of your myGPhC application for the assessment, you must:

  • confirm your personal details
  • complete declarations about your application, and your understanding of the assessment process and regulations
  • provide a copy of the photo identification you will use to confirm your identity on the day of the assessment
  • pay the application fee of £182.

You should receive confirmation of your successful registration after the registration deadline. If you have not received confirmation by 16 May you should get in touch with the GPhC for further assistance on 020 3713 8000.

How do I book my exam venue?

BTL are the new provider the GPhC are using for hosting the 2022 exam sits. Once the GPhC has confirmed that you are registered to sit the exam you will be able to create an account with BTL. You will be able to book your exam slot and can choose from over two hundred venues around the UK. The GPhC recommend that you consider a range of centres in case your first choice is not available. Keep an eye on the GPhC website for further updates on how to book your exam.

Can I sit the exam remotely, or in another country?

The GPhC has confirmed that the pharmacist registration assessment venues will all be in the UK so if you are currently abroad you will need to return in good time for the June sit. Candidates will not be allowed to sit the exam remotely in the UK. All candidates will be required to travel to a BTL UK approved exam venue.

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