Oriel offers & process

Here is our guidance for candidates participating in the Oriel recruitment process for the 2020/21 pre-reg programme.

All candidates who are participating in the Oriel recruitment process for the 2020/21 pre-registration programme should find out today whether they have passed the Oriel process.

Applicants will be notified of offers via e-mail in the coming days. Once the offers are made applicants have 48 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays to accept, accept with upgrades or decline an offer. Applicants who decline an offer will be removed from the process. Applicants who let an offer expire will be removed from the process.  Once applicants have been removed they will no longer be eligible to receive any subsequent offers.


Applicants who opt in to the upgrade option will automatically be upgraded to any of their higher ranked preferences should they become available. The upgrades deadline is the end of November.


Depending on the number of programmes left at the end of the offer process, a clearing process to match remaining candidates to available programmes may be undertaken. If clearing does take place, applicants will have the option to re-preference all of the remaining programmes and offers will then be made according to candidate ranking.

What happens once an offer has been accepted?

Information about successful applicants will be passed on to employers in December. The NHS recommends that applicants wait for their employer to contact them. All offers will be subject to pre-employment checks, for example, occupational health check and appropriate references. These checks will normally be done between January and March 2020. Applicants should ask to see a copy of their employment contract before they begin their placement. For further information about employment contracts, see our Pre-registration employment contracts fact sheet.

Didn’t get the offer you wanted or did not pass the Oriel process?

University careers support services should have further information available for all students. Applicants could also take a look at our Finding a pre-registration placement fact sheet.