Let’s Talk … our support team

Find out about our friendly and knowledgeable Information and Enquiries team and the support it can provide to those working and studying in pharmacy.

Although we have spent the past couple of years developing our digital resources (our new website, Customer Relationship Management system and Wellbeing Learning Platform) which have enabled us to provide support beyond the 9-5 office hours, we are keen to highlight the human side of our assistance.

In the last of our Let’s Talk features, we want to profile the amazing work of our Information and Enquiries team, who provide invaluable information, guidance, and support to those struggling with a range of challenging circumstances. The enquiries we receive inform the information and resources we develop for our website, which can be found in the I Need Help Managing My area of our new site. This area of the site covers: mental health & wellbeing, physical health, finances, family & personal life, work life, trainee experience and student experience.

Whilst we recognise that this information, available around the clock, is much needed, we also acknowledge that sometimes a chat with another human is ultimately what’s needed. Nothing beats a conversation with someone who is knowledgeable about the pharmacy sector and pressures, yet independent from it. Our Information and Enquiries team can provide that safe and completely confidential space – away from the regulator, employer, family, and colleagues – to open up and talk through any worries you may have.

At a very low ebb in my 30 year career, I was given sympathetic and timely, relevant advice as well as contacts and referrals which have helped tremendously.
Service user

As pharmacists you will spend much of your working lives focused on and talking to others about their life and issues. Our services team are here to support you.

You can reach us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm by calling 0808 168 2233 or emailing info@pharmacistsupport.org. Reach out and Let’s Talk!

Excellent service. Phone call was so nice and understanding. The follow up email sent was detailed and catered to me. I really appreciate it - thank you for the amazing work helping pharmacists.
Service user